I can totally forgive the cheesiness in some of it considering they had to change the story around after the tsunami, and if you put it into the context of the kids in Japan who suffered from said tsunami, it sends out a really inspiring and much needed message. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. This is them defying Dyspear and what she personifies. Really, that voice came out of nowhere. I’m just so invested in Haiji Using beam is unfair, enemies!!

Hime is still suspicious that they are a couple. They said their proper goodbyes in the dorms before meeting up with the rest of the gang?! Love that years-after scene of the four Princess Cures: Like she was born to be in this commanding position of ruthlessness. Even nicer is the well thought-out bookends. How about getting married? When she tells him she acknowledges both will exist for all eternity, he agree with her and comes to the conclusion there is no point of fighting each other anymore. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Pri manga sell out so fast and are not reprinting faster?! Up to this point, it has always been the Cures doing the combating, rescuing and protecting while the civilians remained the helpless victims. All this points to how much Shut has grown through and from his inner deliberation during his time away from the battles.

Both of them are not smart characters, so they need other ones who can stop them whey they are acting stupid. He and Flora have moved into this archenemy relationship a long time ago but after they both attained their highest, most powerful forms, they come to an agreement that continuing to fight for dominance is pointless.

Not for Precure or anybody else but for them alone.

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Wasn’t bad, but it was missing something. Especially since he received closure that Dyspear never managed to do. And my intuition tells me that Haruka smiled at KANATA at the end considering that’s the iconic place where they first met and bid their farewell noticing a gentle breeze blowing with petals prefure aroundbut that’s just my theory.


Yui is just incredible. Please watch the ending if you have time!

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It will make fans excited. Pri was all about this in a multiple respects so for once, we can put it on the same level as 9.

That has to be it, right?! Puff — Still adorable and the bravest puppy fairy ever. Him crying in the finale is a good indication of those hidden feelings. Not to mention, that ending fatigue. Close is probably the only Close I can really tolerate.

And believe me, it was such a relief when I realized that nothing Haruka did from that point on could affect me as badly as it did before. And not tacky at all. The punch line is very unique and unexpected.

Go! Princess Precure Impression: Ep. [FINAL] – On the edge of a whim

Despair will never completely snuff out hope. This is especially evident after she was brought back to her old self and became Cure Scarlet. Which he did so he could really think hard on what he should really do. But being worlds apart was just one part of it. Towa brainwashed into becoming an underling daughter of this bitch Ryuuko and Close being absorbed back into her to power up for her final form Nui?

Why do I have to put up with this grief?! He seems to be getting to know the truth. I already got that message like 10 episodes ago and then some more again with what happened in episodes To real life context. It was a great introduction to precure for me, but idk if i’ll watch another again. Shut was a bully to be pitied on before he became the new Shut who could now see what true beauty looks like. Meiji Tokyo Renka Episode 7.


They never do much to contribute to the plot. Soorow frehs to come from Kotoura-san. Nothing was more important than that. Pri but if you were to ask me to give my top 3 favorites, Kirara… would not be at the front of that list cuz I have to establish some groundwork first but she is the one whom I would most fiercely precjre passionately fangirl to oblivion about.

Go! Princess Precure Episode 50 [FINAL]

Like she was born to be in this commanding position of ruthlessness. So yea, this part was epidode satisfying because we not only got to see what the main characters were doing after they went along their separate ways but also what the minor characters were doing as well. He wanted to save the enemy who brought him nightmares and used his body to commit a whole bunch of crimes.

Skip to content Very late. He should have lasted at least two more episodes, Overall an enjoyable frseh but it should have been at least 50 episodes not 48,So I give this a 7 out of What a cute ending! Every episode, a Precure in the past pprecure, is going to give thanks and celebration.