He is subsequently ashamed of his cowardice. Frasier is distracted constantly by thoughts of Charlotte, the matchmaking agent with whom he had dinner the other night, and who is already in a relationship. Frasier persuades her to duet with him, but is disappointed when she sings directly to Martin — and his mood is reflected in his playing. Niles and Martin take it upon themselves to nurse it back to health. There is, however, tension between him and Charlotte, and matters come to a head one evening when Frasier has cooked dinner for Charlotte and Frank turns up unannounced. Noel’s attempt to immortalize you is akin to

She runs out on him, just before his family gets home. Season 11 Episode 8. Nanny G played by Laurie Metcalf. Crazy Credits When the title “Frasier” in yellow letters and the usual silhouette of Seattle are on screen, several lights are being lit in the “windows” of the buildings. Fortunately, they find the house of an experienced car mechanic and his family, but they turn out to be rather eccentric. Bulldog saw another man reaching for his wallet and thought that he was the actual gunman and rather than bravely pushing Roz out of the way, cowardly attempted to use her as a human shield, only happening to knock his coffee onto the real gunman, thus defusing the robbery attempt entirely by accident.

Meanwhile, Niles buys an expensive sweater, breaking a promise to Daphne to be frugal and save money for their child’s college fund.

Niles is on the cruise trying to forget his troubles; it is his wedding anniversary and he should have been mwris Maris, but she disappeared off to Switzerland.

Frasier meets Samantha, a high-profile criminal defense attorneywhile in a shop trying to return an unwanted gift for Roz. She doesn’t seem interested.

The Maris Counselor

See the full gallery. Epiwodes agrees to meet her for lunch, and learns that she has problems with a new boyfriend, an Argentine polo player who has a violent temper.

He undresses and ends up sitting at a table, completely naked, reading a newspaper. Crazy Credits When the title “Frasier” in golden letters and the usual silhouette of Seattle are on screen, a rain cloud that starts to emit rain appears in the sky.

The new episoves, Kenny, is impressed that Frasier upheld his principles so adamantly, and decides to confront the station owner, Joe Martin, epizodes the sponsor’s advert, while asking Frasier to return to work.

Share this Rating Title: Roz struggles to keep a straight face, as do Niles and Daphne. Daphne is pregnant, and she and Niles are keen to make an official announcement to the family over dinner, rather than tell Frasier informally and have the news broadcast for them.


Ffrasier, Martin, Marsi and Daphne all turn up to see her the woman Niles and Frasier were pursuing left with the barman. Who was the best-dressed on the Oscars red carpet?

Furthermore, Frasier has converted his bathroom into a steam roomand invites the entire KACL team to use it to shed some more weight before the final weigh-in. He has not told Daphne, but she detects he is keeping something from her, and knowing that he was expecting the results of a recent physical examinationshe fears the worst.

Season 11 Episode 7.

The three of them all end up in the kitchen in the middle of the night arguing, and it falls to Martin to sort them out. They plan a rendezvous at his apartment. Frasier stumbles upon a matchmaking service on the way to his office, and takes some time explaining to the woman at the door that he is there by mistake.

This is confirmed by misinformation given by Martin who has hearing difficulty due to a blocked ear. Edit Cast Episode credited cast: She actually comes to his rescue by persuading frasieer shop assistant to give him store credit. Niles jokes about it endlessly to mask his overt jealousy.

Martin Crane Bob Dishy As Ronee and Martin grow closer, Frasier goes through a spell of depressionand since he is due to start private psychiatry again soon, Niles becomes worried.

Roz advises him to consult Ann Hodges, whom Frasier remembers from their disastrous date The Placeholder. Unfortunately, while preparing his erotic surprise in the bedroom, complete with roses and classical music, he is unaware of an unexpected guest, also planning his own romantic rendezvous with Maris in that very bedroom.

Determined not to be outdone, Niles and Daphne decide to hire a doula for their birth. He grovels and suggests lunch the next day at Le Petit Bistro, and she agrees before dashing off.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Niles, however, longs to confess his feelings for Daphne, while Daphne attempts to pick up Guy, who thinks that Daphne and Annie are together. Unfortunately, his birthday turns out to be busier than he planned: Add the first question. Meanwhile, after taking a shopping trip with Niles, Martin becomes involved in a disagreement with the owner of an expensive French gourmet shop, but unfortunately Eddie forms an attachment to its overpriced dog food.


Full Cast and Crew. They agree to let Julia stay for dinner, and even though they find her frankness and general conduct offensive, Frasier is reluctant to find fault because of his renewed commitment. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Frasier turns to Anne and says “Wish me luck The fifth episode is the only episode of the series to have scenes filmed on location in Seattle. Roz Doyle John Mahoney Frasier had been having a bad day. List of Frasier episodes.

Frasier and Niles volunteer to put together a quick wedding for Martin and Ronee when the venue is only available for one day.

Roz Doyle John Mahoney The entire ordeal ends with a drunken Niles proposing to Daphne, who he thinks is pregnant with Frasier’s baby. Niles has decided to take the plunge and ask Daphne out on a date.

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After the karis, Niles and Frasier discover their father down at the stables talking to Agides about the sadness of aging, which causes Niles to graciously say that Agides came from himself and Frasier as long as his brother gets rid of the frasoer TV from his apartment.

This costs him his job, but he feels better, even rejuvenated. Meanwhile, Frasier says farewell to Charlotte as she departs for Chicago. Trivia David Hyde Pierce has a discernible limp in this episode.

For him, Frank also turns up.

Murder Most Maris

Of course, he does not know they are laced with cannabis, but having eaten it, buys a normal one to make sure Niles doesn’t know he has eaten the one destined for him. Daphne Moon David Hyde Pierce Martin plans to give Ronee her engagement ring, but when Daphne and Episores discover that it is the same ring he planned to give to Sherrythey insist that he sell it and buy one especially for Ronee.

They realize that his fearsome mother, Zora guest star Patti LuPonedid not send the invitations.