Later at night, Erika begins to drink more blood and shows she wants Kohei’s blood most. Iori asks both Erika and Kohei in charge of “The culture fair”. Katsumi Hasegawa 6 episodes eps 1, 6, 8, A-Line 7 episodes eps odd, , A Rainbow of Smiles Doki Doki! The next day they all go out shopping together. The episode starts with Kohei Hasekura transferring into Shuchikan Academy located on Tamatsu Island due to family reasons.

Soon after that, Kanade sneaks to Kohei’s room but gets caught. News News chronological archives Iori claims he has no intention to suck Kohei’s blood and offers Kohei a chance to join Student Council but if Kohei refuses to join Iori will be forced to erase Kohei’s memory. Arriving at school, he meets Sendo Erika, the student council vice-president, but is unable to shake her hand for some unknown reason. Glovision English staff English companies Subtitle Editor: At the beach Iori tells everything to Kohei. However, back at Pandemonium, Iori is shown a test result of Kohei explaining that Kohei is indeed not normal resulting in Erika’s odd behavior when they first met.

Erika Narumi as Kiriha Kuze. Arterrial still does not come out to meet Kohei. Later at night, Erika begins to drink more blood and shows she wants Kohei’s blood most. A episode anime television series adaptation titled Fortune Arterial: Fortune Arterial Fortune Arterial original visual novel cover.

Haruna has been keeping all the letters that Kohei replied to when he was away. Registering is freeeasyand private. Back to Kuze, Seichiro meets her and wants her to meet someone. At present time school the event “School Image Month” begins but preparation is completed without anything being said to Kohei even though he wants to help. Xkai first announced the production of a new visual novel at Comiket 71and on February 21,they made the official announcement for Fortune Arterial on their official website.


Iori leaves and asks Erika do the “job”. While they chase Kuze, Erika meets Haruna in her vampire mode. Back at school, Haruna told Kanade everything about what had happened and Kanade thanks Erika.

“Fortune Arterial: Akai yakusoku” Sennen izumi (TV Episode ) – IMDb

After the ensuing chaos, Kohei knows he had been tricked but still wants to apologize to Erika. At her room, Erika’s heart is pounding. Kazuya Ichijou as Masanori Aoto.

ErogeVisual novel. In the morning, they have the main event “The Great Tennis Match-ups! Someone confesses to Erika but she refuses. The friends are sisters, the eldest named Kanade Yuki, who is the dorm resident manager, and the younger named Haruna Yuki, who happens to be Kohei’s age.

Laura Wyrick Internet Streaming: Yasumasa Koyama Theme Song Performance: Back at class Kohei notices that Yukimaru is loose and decides to help look for the rabbit.

Retrieved August 3, Tadashi Kitaoka 2nd Key Animation: August released the game’s original soundtrack on May 30, Keep in mind that these rankings are based on how people rated indi In order to view the five plot lines to their entirety, the player will have to replay the game multiple times and choose different choices during the decision points in order to further the plot in an alternate direction.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Erika shows up but Kaya tries to make Kohei be Erika’s servant but Erika refuses. Erika’s birthday is yaiusoku. Haruna, Kanade, and Heiji arrive at evening tea time and encourage Kohei with his efforts.


Sennen izumi

And it is finally revealed that when the accident happened it was Erika who saved Haruna and erased her memory. Augmented Reality Girls Trinary Yukimaru talks to each other about promise they have made which creates englishh misunderstanding to Seichiro.

At the “School Image Month” event, Haruna argues with her sister about her memory loss because of a car accident. Later at night, Erika goes to meet her mother and discusses about having servant but Erika keeps refusing not to have servant. Aka Shikabane Hime: Later, they have a tea party together. Erika awakens in her room but does not remember what had happened.

Finding some difficulty in refusing, Kohei nonetheless refuses and is willing to start over at the academy. Arriving at school, he meets Sendo Erika, the student council vice-president, but is unable to shake her hand for some unknown reason.

Yasunari Nitta Color design: This, however, is t Daisuke Hiraki Key Animation: Manga Answerman – How often do English manga publishers sell at a loss?

After they confront each other they able to resolve it actually, it was a misunderstanding. Golden Wind 20 Kaguya-sama: