Borgen is superb and I would also recommend about Danish history. AMC cancelled it before it was adopted by Netflix. Archived from the original on 9 October Archived from the original on 19 February It’s not just about finding the murderer. As the police arrive at the scene, Lund walks away and removes the bullet-proof vest she had been wearing. Vicky Frost of The Guardian noted how it was The Killing which “paved the way for a wave of subtitled European crime dramas” appearing on UK television, while head of programming at FX Toby Etheridge also confirmed his belief that ” The Killing proved it was possible [to successfully show subtitled drama]”.

Buch and his secretarial team uncover further evidence of the cover-up, but the cabinet pressures him to continue pinning the murders on Muslims in order to assure the passage of an anti-terrorism bill. Crime Thriller Awards UK. Retrieved 31 July The deal in question gives the network the privilege of airing the new episodes before they are hosted by Netflix in return for sharing any associated production costs with Netflix. Archived from the original on 6 September His slippery relationship with vegan food, his never-dry hair, the way he gets all overexcited when he gets to “go method” with gangs. Ken Vedsegaard Louise Raben: I don’t know exactly what it is about, but it also have fans.

In the wake of the successful Wallander series, The Killing became another Scandinavian crime hit with British viewers when it was shown on BBC Four in the spring of Crime Thriller Awards UK. Archived from the original on 25 January Retrieved from ” https: Each fifty-minute episode covers twenty-four hours of the investigation.


Why I prefer the US version of The Killing to the Danish original

Retrieved 19 September Archived from the original on 29 November Television is only educational if you’re viewing a documentary or something similar. Watch The Killing Online. Over countries have purchased the first two seasons of The Killing.

It’s not just about finding the murderer. Austria on ORF I haven’t watched it myself, but I have seen it in bookstores and libraries watcy Germany, so it is popular enough to export. This final ten-part series begins with the murder of a sailor. Lund suspects that the murder is not as straightforward as it seems, despite the forced confession of Dragsholm’s husband.

Turkey on Dizimax Vice as Forbrydelsen Morten Suurballe episodes Troels Hartmann: Strange volunteers to return Raben to the mental hospital, but Lund insists on driving them. Wednesday 17th February, enblish. As the police arrive at the scene, Lund walks away and removes the bullet-proof vest she had been wearing.

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As a parent she is struggling to repair her relationship with Mark. My only real gripe is how her really good hair never goes frizzy in the damp. TobiasJacobsen 12 11 9 7 6 4. How can I watch free episodes online? I realise that suggesting the two can co-exist, and that I actively prefer the US version, is tantamount to choosing canned peaches over fresh, but what can you do?


Where can I watch tv online for free? She arranges for the exhumation of Perk’s body. I also like the familiarity of a corrupt and struggling US police force. Sarah Lund’s investigation turns to the financial and governmental communities during the global financial crisis.

The actors would receive the scripts only on an episode-by-episode basis just moments before shooting was scheduled to begin. He phones the police and is about to shoot Raben when Lund hits him over the head.

Forbrydelsen (The Killing)

kioling Retrieved 17 November Related Discussions Danish tv shows, music and movies as recommended by a dane 11 Comments. The series is noted for its plot twistsseason-long storylinesdark tone and for giving equal emphasis to the stories of the murdered victim’s family and the effect in political circles alongside the police investigation.

The narrative keenly demonstrated that, when it comes to crime, the victim is often overlooked. Following both its critical and ratings success in the United Kingdom, the BBC began importing and broadcasting more subtitled programmes from a number of different countries.