The secret turns out to be Ben’s underground home, making him lose his temper on Tom. Ben, Hank and Ginger finally believe that there is no such thing as a meteor shower. Retrieved 20 March — via YouTube. Angela’s making a cake for Tom, but things get sticky pretty quickly when she uses sticky jellies. Tom and his friends move into a new apartment next to Angela’s house. As of February , the apps have achieved more than 9 billion downloads.

In the end, it returns back to normal. Organize and run water fights between camps. Tom and Angela ride jet skis. Angela has a hard time figuring out what to wear for a date at a concert; in the end, Hank is forced to go while wearing one of Angela’s dresses that got patched in mud as she was departing from her house. Tom and Angela go to the shop, but it only has one cereal on the shelves, they fight over the last cereal. It is soon revealed to be a tiger, but just before it attacks Hank, it eats one of his marshmallows, causing it to get chased by the furious puppy.

Tom and his friends move into a new apartment next to Angela’s house. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ben uses his time machine elevator for everyone to choose their episods station in the 50’s, 80’s, 60’s, 20’s.

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Talkibg all goes real when there’s a pizza delivery. It turns out to be misplaced. However, her food proves to be delicious for all of them. Tom and Angela get very different predictions from their fortune cookies.

Retrieved 20 March — via YouTube. Angela wants Tom to go with her to the Flower Festival, but Tom’s hay fever makes things a problem.

Tom and Ben’s robot fooeti out of control attacking their cars and homes. Ben, Hank and Ginger finally believe that there is no such thing as a meteor shower.

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The friends go on a camping trip but the car runs out of gas and then they get caught in a rainstorm and it rains in their tent due to holes. Tom climbs up a hill to try to get to the top against Hank in order to get an apple while lost in the desert.


The Talking Tom and Friends brand has expanded beyond second screen entertainment in the years since its launch in Retrieved from ” https: Tom struggles to get a Talking Tom plush for Angela. My Talking Tom had over 11 million downloads and was the top games app in countries worldwide within 10 days of its launch.

It is developed and produced by Outfit7 and Plenus. However, Angela then starts to enjoy board games and has a game night with the boys and always wins against them, despite the fact her phone gets repaired. Ginger feels lonely as his friends are all busy. When Hank can’t see the television clearly, he tries on many different pairs of glasses, none of which work because the screen was dirty.

Retrieved 4 September Tom and Angela argue about the heat degrees for baking cookies and it gets even worse when they damage each other’s property. Ben gets inspiration of mixing golf and football together, but it goes too far. Ben creates the Newseratorbut all it does is give news.

A makeover is Talking Tom’s house, but it gets a bit overboard. Tom and Angela struggle while Hank succeeds naturally like in his app using a bucket of sweets, which he throws on his head and the monkeys get attracted to him. Angela puts him into a lesson to be fit. Tom is struck by lightning in a storm and becomes microscopic and then is crushed by Hank as he is heading back home.

Angela needs to get an idea for her rock star club.

Toj decides to make mittens for Angela with Hank, Ben and Ginger. She desperately trains with Tom, but in the end, the efforts bore nothing; infuriated, Angela throws the scale out of her house.

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The gang get together to watch a horror movie. It works until Tom accidentally pushes Angela while preventing her from falling into the episde, causing the latter the break her arm. This marks the addition of Talking Hank’s scenery to the episode intro. Tom loves his new game “Talking Tom Gold Run” taling it means he doesn’t pay enough attention to Angela. Ben uses his super power maker when everyone wants superpowers. Pierre gets too focused on his game, thinking his friends are the zombies.


Tom acts like the Flappy Bird game, flying around and running into pipes. Tom and his friends get annoyed by the hand playing with the lamp. Pierre suddenly destroys it by throwing a tomato at it. It ends up as Ginger footri is the most successful. In the end, it returns back to normal. Then Tom, Ben and Ginger find Angela’s bag, which she lost while looking for firewood, and then see smoke from fkorti campfire and find them.

Tom has a habit of freezing up when he gets his photo taken. Tom, Angela and Hank try to make him think it is autumn, which goes well, until Ben carelessly comes in wearing summer gear and accidentally reveals what the cats and Hank did.

Talking Tom Episide is an ongoing web series. After the treasure chest is opened, it reveals to be a pirate captain suit for a girl, much to Angela’s delight and the boys’ dismay – they all head back to the beach. Luckily, Hank unintentionally saves the day.

This page was last edited on 17 Februaryat Annoying Mosquito Episode 41 “. Talking Friends was the first Talking Tom animated web series.

Angela changes Tom’s house when she comes ton to episoxe. Angela tries to get Tom to pose nicely for a picture. Tom, Angela, and Hank were quiet when a bunch of gifts fell on their heads.