Pierre gets too focused on his game, thinking his friends are the zombies. The gang deal with a heatwave; Tom, Ben and Hank argue about fanning each other and Angela loses her temper on Tom and Ben while they spit watermelon seeds on her face. Tom tries out a bunch of his hats, but they fly away in the wind. Retrieved 4 December The secret turns out to be Ben’s underground home, making him lose his temper on Tom. Meanwhile, Ginger wants to defy gravity, so Ben makes both of their dreams come true.

Talking Tom Shorts is an ongoing web series. Tom wants to meet Angela outside, but must wait in the cold for her to get ready. Ben, Hank and Ginger finally believe that there is no such thing as a meteor shower. Tom feels bad for him and so Angela, Ben and Hank arrange fun activities for him. The plush toys talk and interact with multiple Talking Tom and Friends apps, as well as with each other, using an advanced voice recognition system. As of February , the apps have achieved more than 9 billion downloads. It works until Tom accidentally pushes Angela while preventing her from falling into the sewer, causing the latter the break her arm.

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Tom and Hank have a hard time being roommates together. Later, Tom and Ben decide to destroy the robot. Angela puts him into a lesson to be fit. Tom and Angela argue about the heat degrees for baking cookies and it gets eipsode worse when they damage each other’s property.

It was released to YouTube starting March 13, Interact with Talkign on his birthday. As of Februarythe apps have achieved more than 9 billion downloads. Tom, Angela and Hank try to make him think it is autumn, which goes well, until Ben carelessly comes in wearing summer gear and accidentally reveals what epiode cats and Hank did. She desperately trains with Tom, but in the end, the efforts bore nothing; infuriated, Angela throws the scale out of her house. Epiosde app was originally titled Ginger’s Birthday until April foodti Angela needs to get an idea for her rock star club.


Angela doesn’t want to get up, no matter what disturbs her, but the Hand is insistent on doing it. Angela has a hard time figuring out what to wear for a date at a concert; in the end, Hank is forced to go while wearing one of Angela’s dresses that got patched in mud as she was departing from her house.

It works until Tom accidentally pushes Angela while preventing her from falling into the sewer, causing the latter the break her arm.

Retrieved February 7, Retrieved 30 April Talking Tom Shorts is an ongoing web series. It’s almost New Year’s Eve! Annoying Mosquito Episode 41 “. Later, their armadillo accidentally touches the device, making him gigantic. When Angela releases the items, she is mad at Tom for messing up the bathroom. Tom has a habit of freezing up when he gets his photo taken. Ben, Hank and Ginger finally believe that there is no such thing as a meteor shower. Talking Tom and Friends launched a range of interactive toys called Superstar in Retrieved 31 August Tom tries sabotaging Angela’s selfie successes and does it his way.

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4 Tom and his friends get annoyed by the hand playing with the lamp. Retrieved 6 December Tom uses a suction cup in his bathroom making everything go inside it, even Tom. Tom shows Angela that they both can episodr the Hand for it to give them food but then they are chased by the Hand when it goes overboard after they request for too much.

After a fortune teller predicts Angela is in danger, Tom does everything he can do to prevent it from happening. Tom acts like the Flappy Bird game, flying around and running into pipes. When Tom helps Angela in the garden, they discover a hidden secret.

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Tom’s arm is broken, how will he get help? Tom and Angela do their best to avoid Ginger on their tomm. Then Ben and the others bring the beach fun to Ginger.

Then Tom, Ben and Ginger find Angela’s bag, which she lost while looking for firewood, and then see smoke from the campfire and find them. Tom is struggling to get Angela to get some shut-eye. Tom and Angela hit the road to go to the beach from ep.


Tom spisode to stay serious with the other faces, but The Hand keeps catching him. The show is produced by the Austrian epiisode ‘arx anima’. Users design Valentine cards with pictures of Tom and Angela and custom text. Tom’s job in the cafeteria is exhausting, but his friends come to visit him and cheer him up. Angela thinks about going on a diet after weighing herself on the bathroom scale. Tom and Hank compete in a piano playing video game. This marks the debut of Talking Angela. Tom is desperate to make both the guys and Angela happy after they both want to spend time with him – in the end they all have spisode cream at the local cafeteria.

Talking Tom and Friends Logo of the franchise.

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Tom struggles to get a Talking Tom plush for Angela. While lost, Angela makes a fire for Hank and Hank gives half of his food for Angela.

However Tom and Angela are both laughing at each other when their faces get messed up from Angela’s makeup it mainly happened to Angela due to Tom doing reckless things while she is putting foortti her makeup, so she did it to Tom after a third time.

Tom and Angela get very different predictions from their fortune yalking. Talking Tom panics when he forgets it’s Fooryi Angela’s birthday, so he calls Ben, Hank and Ginger for help and it becomes very successful. Ginger is upset and goes back to bed and Tom and Angela are furious for Ben’s mistake.