Seas0nPass cuts the cord for 5. Latest News 13 Nov Infuse 5. Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff. What about the new 3rd gen Apple TV? I can’t wait for it. I have an Apple TV 2 running 4. I just followed your twitter feed not 10 minutes ago in hopes of some news of an untethered jailbreak!

I’m just trying to jailbreak this thing and doing it without the power cord attached. Currently the jailbreak for 4. Older Apple TV versions can be used with saved firmware signatures. Today we’re happy to release new versions of Seas0nPass and aTV Flash black that are compatible with latest 5. Work is still ongoing and we’ll be sure to announce any and all news as soon as it becomes available. Submitted by aceedburn on May 25, – 7: I have an Apple TV 2 software version 5.

Submitted by bdistance on September 4, – 8: How do I get new look and feel? I jailbroke my aTV2 using the previous Seas0nPass tethered boot. Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff. Submitted by Caveman on September 7, – 7: Now I’m stuck with a blinking light on the ATV and it’s useless.

Seas0nPass cuts the cord for | Firecore

Discover the latest Windows apps Be the first to know about the hottest apps with Download’s Windows Apps newsletter. Girecore how can I upgrade to 5. Submitted by clutchkargo on May 25, – 7: I did it three times! When you do this while your Jailbreak is Tethered it means in order for your Apple TV to turn back on you will need to plug it into the computer and re-run Seas0nPass over again.


Submitted by nntong on May 25, – 7: As mentioned previously, because content is not stored on your Apple TV, this is not as big of a deal as restoring an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad would be.

Your email address will not be published. Worked perfectly first time Submitted by philipo84 on May 25, – 8: You can do a backup through the maintenance section.

Seasonpass and 5.1.1 10A831 not working

Current Apple TV version released September 17, 6. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I am having 5.1.1 jailbreaking my Apple TV 2. Submitted by adamillsley on January 22, – 6: Greetings to you all. Submitted by andsoitgoes on May 25, – 9: I only got 5.

Submitted by marshalx on May 25, – 8: You can take a look at the firmware versions Seas0nPass currently supports below. Newsletter Stay in the loop with new product announcements and updates.

Latest News 13 Nov Infuse 5. It is a complex process and is recommended for experienced, technologically savvy users. I have tried a standard restore in iTunes back to factory but the recovery gets stuck and iTunes states “Waiting for Apple TV” So i have also tried re-jail breaking the device using the latest version of SeasonPass and iTunes but then the script launches iTunes and just stays at the recovery screen doesn’t actually start firecire Then just reinstall your skins, repos add fireore I have the blobs saved through iFaith before I started the jailbreak.


Submitted by jlegrand3 on May 25, – 8: In seasin case, Seas0nPass find the device in DFU mode but immediately fail with a “error entering dfu mode this device is not supported by seas0npass” message. I’m trying to jailbreak m ATV 2 to the latest version 10A but only get an error message from Seasonpass 0. About 85 percent of Chrome browser add-ons have no stated privacy rules Two-factor authentication app maker indicates that most Chrome add-ons lack disclosure.