A number of instruments exist to fund actions to improve cyber security: Which specific safeguards and standards designed to protect the fundamental rights and interests of EU citizens does the Commission wish to be covered by any new PNR agreement with a third country? What measures will the Commission take in the planning, implementation and evaluation of future development aid to caste-affected countries to ensure that aid contributes to the elimination of caste-based discrimination and alleviates its negative consequences? This type of problem appears to be slowing down, if not halting, the procedure for obtaining such assistance, which would most certainly be useful in some areas which were particularly hard hit by huge snowfalls. A new Communication on this topic is being planned for adoption in early autumn. The Water Framework Directive lays down requirements for cross-border cooperation both as regards water quality and as regards the need to maintain minimum river flows, especially in periods of drought.

The European economy is still struggling with an economic and social crisis. In which Member States does the Commission believe it is difficult to establish information technology as a compulsory subject? Es preciso actuar, y actuar con urgencia, diligencia y respeto a lo acordado de nuevo por el Parlamento. Does the Commission not agree that Europe, too, should show solidarity with the most severely affected areas, and cover some of the costs of restoring infrastructure to support economic recovery, particularly with regard to the most hard-hit sectors such as agriculture? All EU co-funded projects have to comply with EU legislation including on environment. Were such a request to be made, it would be considered by the IMF.

Does the Commission take the view that land stewardship dovetails perfectly with the philosophy behind the CAP, and is a tool that could promote and introduce flexibility into efforts to. The rule of law is still very weak and official forces are struggling to take command of the numerous militias that still operate above the law and refuse to lay down their weapons.

Moreover, the national authorities must ensure that any national provisions implementing those Directives are correctly applied. Such family members have not only the right to enter a Member State but also to obtain an entry visa for that purpose. Further, the amending act adopted by the Council of Ministers allows ski resort developers to acquire a building or exploitation right for the purpose of constructing sicila operating ski runs and facilities in public forests without submitting a tender, while all other developers may acquire a building or exploitation right in respect of public property except forests calendagio after participating in a bidding procedure in accordance with the State Property Act.

There is no indication that Christian communities in Vietnam are being targeted because of their religious belief and activities. The effects of this crisis are particularly keenly felt by small and medium enterprises SMEsand yet it is precisely such enterprises that have the greatest potential to create jobs and thus reduce unemployment.

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However, it has repeatedly stalled the reporting process and delayed publishing its final assessment, which has had significant socioeconomic consequences for the people of Tajikistan. One cause of particular concern has been the disastrous effects of water transfer systems in Spain. Moreover, if the person works in an EU sicolia other than Belgium or Luxembourg, a correcting coefficient is applied to the pay. These provisions will be examined carefully by the Commission. It could contain substances which, should they combust, would produce noxious emissions and pollutants.


Can the Commission provide information on the statute of staff working in EU schools and the extent to which the Commission has been involved in the creation of this statute?

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Quality of postal services on the internal market. One of the accusations was that entities not meeting the conditions for concessions were promoted at the expense of those that did.

Contribution from private assets to replenish state coffers. Another subject to have repeatedly been mentioned is the problems arising from the gradual salinification of the Tagus in parts of Portugal where farming is at present vitally important.

Many families in the Canary Islands and Andalucia, especially the Barbate area, are already unable to earn a living from fishing, their main profession. Can the Commission provide information and figures relating to the budget of the new Rights and Citizenship programme?

All this suggests that the Bulgarian state is unwilling or unable to deal with this case, which continues to provoke protests and lawsuits in the country for the third year in succession. When a communication satellite fails or reaches the end of its working life, it often means the very expensive prospect of having to launch a brand-new replacement.

Would the Commission agree that the Turkish Government has clearly disregarded its representations? It should be noted that this is a television station which is critical of the current government and president.

Why is the Commission not taking any preventative action to ensure that institutional investors are excluded from the trade in commodities and that mutual funds and certificates in raw materials are banned? In addition to various meetings with officials from both sides, we also met representatives of civil society and NGOs, who presented the situation in East Jerusalem and so-called Area C.

Does the Commission consider this to be in contravention of the principle of equal pay for equal work, given that both groups of contract agents will have the same level of qualifications and be doing the same work?

Specifically, to what extent was the Commission involved in the determination siiclia staff salaries and what factors were taken into account in this process? In addition to this, substantial funding is also provided from the EU’s other financing instruments as well as from Member States.

The ICPBR, an informal structure based at the University of Guelph, Canada, regularly holds conferences which receive funding from the main pesticide manufacturers. The new Rights and Citizenship programme will cover gender equality as one of its specific objectives, as well as violence against women.

It must not be sicioia that spiralling prices caused by a combination of structural and cyclical factors could also threaten economic growth and undermine international efforts to combat poverty and famine. Does calendaril Commission not agree that Europe, too, should show solidarity with the most severely affected areas, and cover some of the costs of restoring infrastructure to support economic recovery, particularly with regard to the most hard-hit sectors such as agriculture?


Se dedican a la pesca del jurel, caballas, salmonetes y al marisqueo de la concha fina. A new Communication on this topic is being planned for adoption in early autumn. Application of the ETS to greenhouse horticulture. The Commission is not in a position to provide figures for the other EU institutions on their total cost of statutory and contractual translators and interpreters.

The Commission is currently finalising the Annual Action Programme calendarjo Priority 2 on counteracting global and trans-regional threats of the Instrument for Stability, which prioritises among others the building of capabilities in developing countries related to raising calendzrio and fighting cybercrime. This will help farmers to meet the costs of becoming involved in quality schemes some of which may win them additional consumers living close to the point of production.

Welk tijdpad willen zij c volgen? The Commission follows the development of the European enterprise sector on a regular basis, but given that it depends on many different factors it is difficult to clearly establish which parts of the development that may be attributed to EU policy as such. Finally, operators of ETS-installations sicilai make use of surplus allowances from the second phase The EIP network will widen the knowledge base and enhance the sharing of experience.

Climate conditions in recent months have caused a severe drought that is affecting many Italian regions. Expatriation allowance — calculation base. Mistreatment of stray animals in Member States. One of the criteria for a heroic district is the absence of religion.

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Chi si ribella viene brutalmente picchiato. Some are also recruited locally by the Director of calencario ES concerned. If not, why not? This group includes several pregnant women and some children who, in addition to having a serei need to eat, also need suitable medical care.

Can the Commission confirm that it believes that the contents of a red mud waste pond at the Aughinish Alumina Rusal alumina plant in Askeaton, Limerick, Ireland, are not hazardous and pose no environmental threat, bearing in mind that:.

De lidstaten mogen geen regeling toepassen die de verwezenlijking van de door de richtlijn nagestreefde doelen in gevaar kan brengen en deze haar nuttig effect kan ontnemen.

European Union law is generally applicable only to cases which have a cross-border dimension. Alla Commissione non risulta che esista un disegno di legge corrispondente a quello descritto dall’onorevole parlamentare.

The Commission is not aware of caoendario adoption in Italy of new regulatory measures concerning the use of solid recovered fuel SRF in industrial processes, particularly in cement kilns.

Agriculture was particularly hard hit, partly because some plants, such as olive trees, which are unsuitable for excessively cold climates, froze. Member States must grant them every facility to obtain the necessary visas which must be issued free of charge.