Please send me a message or write it her down When i was a kid i watched this movie twice a day!!! Can’t block or evade any of these kicks and completely telegraphs his slow ass punches. Love how Uncle Zien loves the double punch at 3: We don’t see Tong Po blocking or countering the strikes, also, the fight is short and the whole oiled body thing looks kind of weird. What is the Bullshit? One of the worst martial arts movie n one of the worst actors around! He does not teach, never owned a dojo, with no real life encounters.

Fuck segal van damme beat his ass all day. I like van damme and his stuff, but i like the more realistic view people put on movies now, incorporating MMA. Aikido is not only physical. At least Steven Seagal is a better blues singer. I used to be a fan of Seagal, but after doing some cursory reading up on him, you can’t escape his doucheness. It was the trainer’s dog. As amazing as this fight was, it’s clear that Tong Po would have never stood a chance if Van Damme had been taking the fight seriously from the beginning. Van damme kicked some serious asses in this film and the scene when he cuts down a palm tree with his leg is so EPIC

JCVD wins in all categories, by a land slide Cows are “holy” because magic mushrooms grow on their poo.

When a criminal attacks you on the street, he does not care about your style, rank or who your teacher is. Van Damme,sei e rimarrai xsempre il numero uno!!! The stuntmen were inexperienced in rolls, and falls. So i recently saw all of Donnie Yen and vandsm of Jet li’s movies, and i realize just how terrible the choreography is in this, compared to those. I like all of the Kickboxer movies. People just wanna make money and not good quality films like these times.


I used to like watching this movie as a kid because I could see Van Damme wearing basically a thong. Its a fight that would span 7 ages, deorbit the moon, and reawaken sleeping dragons.

Segal has stayed relevant with being one of the trainers of anderson silva and machida. Well somebody jjanglot me and never did the research if it was true because i don’t care. Van damme has the best form as for kicks. Van Damme was just a great great Hero Sadly my friend, you are right.

Bruce taught Chuck Norris, he lived an breathed martial arts man. How to make pizza doe. For about the 50th time each, and on blu janglt as well: This prelude is the most relaxing soundtrack ever made. Are you saying Chuck Norris was even with Bruce Lee? They just don’t make movies like this anymore! Steven Seagal wins for sure, my hero! Jean claude van damme was and still my best. Out of his generation, nobody, out of the newer generation, Scott Adkins. Jiu jitsu is the prefered marcial art in mma.

What did he do at 2.

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You really ought to read up fil, whatever it is you choose to shoot your piehole off about before you start blabbing crap. He’s gay n so r u!

Well after getting his head kicked in so much times at this point he’s bound to haha! You may be surprised at what you see. Alguien podria decirme lo temas de las canioens qeu estan ahi osea los nombres porfa me las quiero bajar haber isme manda en sms ami acc.

Van damme is a best fighter movies. LOL just download it. How can Steven Seagal be a raw fighter with no fight record? You’ve got to be a troll, I mean seriously. Dem MMA champs sure practice “Akido” as a discipline over kickboxing.


Those throws are a joke. I don’t even remember last time I was in an argument. Can the human spine be really broken that easily only with one hand??????? Seagal beats Van damme in the last category, watch Maximum Conviction if you’re not convinced.

Get raped, queer bait. Sylvester Stallone himself said that Van Damme was too strong. Didn’t Gene Lebell choke him out? JCVD is only “slightly more agile” than Segal.!!??? If van damme done one of his kicks at seagal, seagal would grab that shit and snap his leg like a twig.

O by two teens in my country and you want gandam him to kick Segal’s ass? Van Damme The best ever I cant believe this cocksucker van damme is an actor he’s so fuckn terrible in acting n his movies r all predictable!!

Why has he been trained by a muay thai Kru.

Double Impact | Jean Claude Van Damme – video dailymotion

You prefer old fights, like this one? That is such a cool movie. Actually you’re full of crap. I trained Jeet Kune Do since I was 8, I am an martial art instructor, hanglot many sparing experiences, I am 29 years old and the only time I used my martial arts was when a guy went after a girl with a knife.

They fight for only money and ego, fandam a brief moment of fame. There are even a couple of youtube vids with him fighting in competitions, but the quality isnt great.