Plot – Fatmagul who is engaged to her childhood lover Mustafa is raped by 3 rich kids in presence of Kerim under the influence of alcohol and drugs. I’m trying to find that street, you see. Like my brother, he looks tough but keeps a soft heart inside. Even you scream, cry for help Why don’t you want to see me anymore? IF you want To watch try: I want you to know that. He is sentenced to life imprisonment.

I saw a few pages, didn’t even bother reading the rest. Where can I get there? Are you gonna let the court know about the call Kerim received? Well gee, ain’t that romantic! We don’t know what your brother’s reaction will be. They are looking for him now.

Got a YouTube account? Perihan Yasaran 80 episodes, You stay out of this. Also read a lot of Turkish books.

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There is no rest, no peace fatmagluun mind for us until he been arrested. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. I have their strings in my hands.


I hope it receives some love on this forum.

Even the characters I disliked – I liked for what they were adding to the show. The police is searching for him everywhere. I am not big fan of series and hardly have patience to sit through all and watch them.

nr Hay Allah, I thought you might know since you seem to live here. Okay, we’ll going away. But I couldn’t do without seeing my brother.

I have great news for you. How did he get away from here? Just don’t close the doors because of some careless news. Why are you insisting like a spoiled little girl?

I got worried about you. As long as your brother Sami is alive. You are not going to escape from it.

But I am dying of curiosity. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Call me after the exam.

Beren Saat: Fatmagulun Sucu Ne (Episode 48 Arabic Subtitles)

You might find a customer there who’s willing to drive you there. She was trying to get them out the water. He knows about the situation. For years, I’ve heard from my father about you. She promised she was going to see from distance.


You can clean somewhere zrabic meanwhile. Kerim who such friends with Erdogan, Selim and Vurl is also present during this incident. I’ll come back in the morning for controls. And I will make that girl say exactly that.

To gain Fatmagul’s trust he hand over himself to police and file the incident. I knew that the closest one of my blood was out there somewhere. He always spoke Turkish with me. I celebrated it [seriously] eating cherries.

Minister and the Undersecretary will think about this. The transmission was at neutral position. Your dad isn’t back yet. I will definitely recommend this to everyone. Got a YouTube account?