Back on land, the members pair off to locate dinner ingredients hidden around the island, with one foursome heading off to fish in the ocean while Chunhee scuba-dives for clams. As the Family re-gather, they play an ice-block carrying game, with the men performing ridiculous demonstrations of strength to earn Yoona’s pick, including Jongshin breaking an ice-block with his head. After eating, the Family greet Hyori’s mother and sister, who happen to be in town, then finish preparing the rice cake soup for the village elders. Changeui, Chunhee, and Hyori gather mushrooms for the stew and Changeui and Hyori grow closer during cooking. They were co-managed in the United States by Creative Artists Agency, the group began their entry into the American market in as an opening act for the Jonas Brothers World Tour, performing the English version of their hit single Nobody. The Korean album was titled as FM, and the album was released on November 18,, while the Japanese album was titled as AM, Island has released fifteen full-length albums, eight mini-albums, many singles and soundtrack productions for different drama theme songs and anime openings. Back at home, Jongkook and Yejin are teased for wearing matching pink clothes, enduring ‘newlywed’ jokes from Daesung, with which Jongkook counters with threats of violence.

In the morning, the Family compete with one another in blowing a ping-pong ball through a tube filled with flour. The episode opens with Sooro and Jongkook practicing for theater and concert performances, respectively. Ihmegol Village, Nonsan, South Chungcheong. Bangchon Village, South Jeolla. Returning to the house, the Family decide to catch a chicken for dinner, with Jaesuk and Daesung exhibiting their characteristic cowardice, and relying on Yejin’s quick hands and precision technique for the capture. Highlights include Hyori trying to place a clamshell in her boot, Hyori accidentally kicking Jongkook in the groin, and Daesung inadvertently head-butting Jaesuk. They recap the most memorable scenes of Lee Chun-hee and Park Ye-jin in Family Outing during their surprise farewell party. G-Dragon — Kwon Ji-yong, better known by his stage name G-Dragon, is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, and fashion icon.

Afterwards, the Family perform dances to determine sleep order rankings, supplemented with some gifts of sweet potatoes and chocolate bars. Highlights include Jongshin revealing his rejection stories, Jaesuk’s “ladies man” phase, Junsu’s difficulty with math, and Dumb and Dumber discovering how similar their IQs are.

Upon reaching home, Jongkook takes out his frustration from losing in most of the games previously on Jaesuk who thiasub turn begins playing around with other members and ends up receiving punishments as well.


Later, the Family head to the beach to play a game where pairs squat and balance while greeting the new year. As the Family re-gather, Chunhee attempts to delay Jongkook’s return home to allow Hyori time to wash Jongkook’s muddied sneakers.

Super TV Season 2 Episode 9

The Family arrives at their house s and begins that days agenda. Its time for a refresher on everything that went down for Marty Byrde and his family in their first outing on Netflix. Boseong is famous for its tea leaves. Highlights of dinner preparation include 1 the “Dumb and Dumber” brothers picking perilla leaves, while fearful of Hyori’s scolding, 2 Stepmother Kim and Chundrella digging for potatoes, and 3 Jongshin secretively seasoning the stew with ramyun powder.

Taeyeon performing at the SMWeek concert in December At the village, the Family heartily greet Hyuk, with Hyori disappointed to find him already married.

He also made an appearance in the part of Timeless music video. At the village house, Henney helps to wash rice, reenacting a scene from the movie Ghost with Hyori. With the production crew acting as judge, Chunhee bests Jongkook, with both donning lipstick, false lashes, and blush, causing the losing Jongkook to feign frustration as he runs into a patch of mud outting his new sneakers.

The Family roast the clams and prepare a kimchi stew for dinner, then partake in an individual competition to roast open clams. After completing this assigned task, the Family join forces creatively to film an advertisement CF for Korean beef, the local cuisine, based on the theme of a “love scandal” between Hyori, Yejin, and Yoon Eun-hye. Chunhee immediately assumes the Chunderella role when tasked with carrying the supplies, forming the “Faulty Brothers” with Sungrok.

[Eng] Taeyeon – Family Outing ep 14 1/2 – video dailymotion

The Family gather at the village, with Sooro sporting an extra short haircut. Ariel Lin It started with a kiss. Under Japanese rule, the two names Han and Joseon coexisted, there were several groups who fought for independence, the most notable being the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea. To promote the release, Rain then embarked on his first concert, Rainy Day Tour, the album went on to sell over a million copies in Asia, cementing Rains position as one of the regions top musical acts.

The day of formal filming follows with thaisu Family gathering at a farm village, where everyone sets off for a local river to fish and play their first game. Other highlights of dinner include Hyori supervising “Dumb and Dumber”, who gather vegetables while burdened with equal parts fear and doubt and 2 Jongshin and Jaesuk’s “snowy” stew seasoning.


He had released four Korean albums, four Japanese albums, thirty Japanese singles, the Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of the three and granted an injunction suspending their contracts. Jeongokri Village, HwaseongGyeonggi.

The band also performed live on stage at Rolling Hall and held their first official showcase at Live House Melon-AX, the album combined 13 songs that were loosely divided into two parts, Emotional Chapter and F. Although he vowed to his mother that he wouldnt again, he was scouted by SM Entertainment while on a ski trip with his family.

The new official name has its origin in the ancient country of Gojoseon, inthe Joseon dynasty changed the official name of the country from Joseon to Daehan Jeguk.

Highlights include Hyori teasing Jongkook about their blossomoning love-line, with Jongkook’s refusal, and Jongshin pledging to pay back his loans and wishes for the invention of a ‘fountain of youth’ pill.

The Family welcome Rain, who along with Jongkook and Daesung, form the three “slanty-eyed” brothers. Almost one third of all tea farmland is located in Boseong and this status has been carefully crafted in recent decades, partly due to the long history green tea has with the area.

After harvesting potatoes from the field, the three prepare curry rice while singing along to The Lion King.

Family Outing 2

Highlights of cooking include Hyori using Chunhee’s face in lieu of a wall for the throw-and-stick test and Chunhee working hard for praise from Hyori. Runningman similaities between family outing Farhan Raeed 5 years ago. This page contains text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia – https: Gathering at the house, the Family audio-record their gratitude for the homeowners and welcome them home.

The bands Korean debut was successful, their album, titled Cheerful Sensibility was the sixth best-selling album in The wake-up mission comprises vocabulary trivia questions. Outig has a moderate outinng.

New York City, New York. Dailymotion 2 years ago. The members interrogate each other with personal questions to allow the audience to familiarize itself with the Family. Returning to the house, the homeowners send the Family off with farewell gifts.