Hideyoshi wins tho Yeah, the Baccano dub is actually fantastic, you get to hear all the normal voice actors putting on extremely Brooklyn accents. So how has FJ been in my absence? I think I’m going to have to do this whole spoiler in another comment so I don’t exceed character limit Ah, another series I kinda loved and yet put on hold. I feel bd making people wait for my reply, after all So nevermind, for now.

This row will about my fav ship first of alll ofc it’d. Oh, man, wrote it in the sleepy comment, but NHK first episode, after thinking about it for a day, is one of the best first episodes I’ve seen. Argh, god damn it I’m so sorry. Are you saying that you’ll watch it soon? Meaning plenty of study. It’s less frustrating to drop before the story begins, than when you’re already immersed in it.

TT-Table Japanese episode list/sublist

Or maybe instead of a blanket, animewafffles thin layers which number adjust depending on temperature?

Then good ni- oh, he’s gone already. I had to look it up though, I was still at Kevin Rudd.

Oh well, there is always worse, like the guy who greentexted he animeewaffles a cousin who always smash things with a hammer and when he takes it away the kid throws himself in the fireplace. Invite people because it is more fun.


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It yail 4 anime of my top 5 so First pic of Mirajane madeinasia belgium cosplay mirajanesitri satansoul fairytail. There will be secret stuff hidden on other islands. And watching TTGL makes you feel like you’re watching an epic story, with time lapses and all.

Hard to describe the SnS sound, but really remember the transition being amazing. Not animewaffoes much of a romance though, pretty much just the girl MC nosebleeding on her classmates. It’s less frustrating to drop before the story begins, than when you’re already immersed in it.


Well out of the three I’d probably suggest watching FT first, just so you can be ready for the next season, but Durarara is pretty entertaining as well.

Also Brina Palencia was the person who played Yoshida in the Shana english dub, so I kinda got sick of her voice after a while Kind of integrated flashbacks, right? Here French is mandatory until you graduate from Highschool in the “regular” studies.

The mere sight of a tentacle, yet the basics, puts me off so I longed all day to be able to download the OST, but it’s actually the instru of a song, and it doesn’t exist officially SOrry, you’ll have it late then.

Or you have awesome tastes and are of great advice. Gotta find a sytsem that automatically puts a gigablanket on you mid-sleep. My cosplay projects mirajanesitri fairytail aion pisti magithelabyrinthofmagic artemyraqueen zelda botw breathofthewild carrot onepiece captainmarvel marvel avengers gyokuen magi tinkerbell disney skyrim nightingalearmor cospla.


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I really like Laura Bailey. Misaki is pretty damn adorable. Tzil happy I got to meet you ohayocon. Yeah, happens way too often with kids. So how was the preview?

But probably also because of the story and characters’ past So he discovers she’s a lesbian and they blackmail each other not to have their secrets revealed. A cute and innocent killing machine Chara limit, ST spoiler here, sorry. Ah, Eipsode a bit disappointed.

Felt like forever to finish tbh. Er, I’m not very sure about what Go Fish is, but I guess it implies looking at thjose cards.

Oh, you keep making me watch good anime I was keeping for later!