To Keith, Virginia and Gail, the contemporary performance theatre, dance, live art, music theatre, physical theatre and media arts communities in Australia owe an enormous debt. In several bombings and clashes between government security forces and Islamic separatists, at least 28, including an army brigadier general, are killed. Hito Steyerl — How Not to be Seen: The images of the Fern Studio floor were set within a second frame of a darker blurred image and this highlighted their potency. There has been an undeniable renaissance of feminist thought and activism in the last few years globally, but more so in Australia than elsewhere probably fuelled, in part, by the horrific treatment of Julia Gillard and the murder of Jill Meagher in My recent project, The Very Near Future, was undoubtedly influenced by the following works to some degree. In retaliation militants attacked an Indian military camp in Kakupara, killing 8 Indian soldiers. Our thanks go above all to Gail Priest, our Online Producer and, for many years, Associate Editor, a great collaborator and friend.

Police break up a crowd in Srinagar protesting the killing of a local human rights activist. A couple of hundred Hindus protest in Delhi and Jammu following the recent murders of 23 Hindus near Srinagar. Being conscious of the actions and processes of video, when I film something, I film whilst knowing I am filming, yet I am also presently in some ways not-filming, drifting into distractions, smells, noises, physical interactions which make the capturing of a performance an unending and complex activity. Throughout the duration of the kidnapping, which drags on for several months, Al-Faran constantly changes its demands for the release of the hostages but the demands always include the release of some captured separatists. Four days later, 4 Kashmiris were killed by Indian troops during a crackdown at various places in the Valley. Police opened fire at mourners attending his funeral the next day.

In one sense falling short one suspects deliberately of presenting a satisfying conclusion that resolved its disparate parts, Event for a Stage nevertheless succeeded in the most difficult task of absorbing the audience in the drama of its self-reflexive concerns. Equally, as revealed in our RealBlak edition in OctoberIndigenous artists wish to create and write about works in the performing arts that are their own, not subject to appropriation and respectful of their cultural protocols.

Advani says that no referendum will be held as the accession to India is “an article of faith”. The number of dead did decline from around in July-August to at year’s end. Five members of the Ikhwan-ul-Muslimoon, a pro-government militia force, are killed by rebels. Indian lawmakers are considering a proposal that would impose stiff punishments for illegal entry.

Or it helps reframe for audiences how else to look at dance. The formal language of video practice is in relative infancy and often constrained by technological limitations, but Bennie has been consistently interested in physically framing the way that the viewer encounters his work using projection within and onto banal or overlooked architectural spaces.


Kashmir was provided with wide state autonomy except in the areas of communications, foreign affairs, and defense.

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Hindus from Kashmir clash with police while attempting to disrupt the opening of a Kashmiri separatist group’s office in New Delhi. In November and December, 48 bomb explosions and 55 grenade attacks were reported.

It is often the case that Islamic militants fighting government forces in Kashmir are not actually natives of Kashmir.

The kidnapping of native Indians pqrt Kashmiri separatists will not be further noted unless otherwise noteworthy. I could read it. Authorities indicate that three soldiers were injured.

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In Melbourne last year the conference Spectres of Evaluation attempted to address questions about the stif-imlat of community arts, the evaluation tools used to gauge the effect of art and the protocols of artists working in community.

At some point I found myself writing about stuff. There has been an undeniable renaissance of feminist thought and activism in the last few years globally, but more so in Australia than elsewhere probably fuelled, in part, by the horrific treatment of Julia Gillard and the murder of Jill Meagher in Part two then unfolds with similar material to part one, but with the contrast of silence, and I ask myself if this really does sway my perception.

Gowda has promised maximum autonomy for Kashmir following the elections.

Pakistan and Azad Stif-mulat also participated in the strike as a display of solidarity with the Kashmiris. Both countries blame each other for the failure to re-open bilateral negotiations. A strike closes down the city. An Arab group within the United Nations has also taken up the issue along with a ministerial contact group of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Police say that three foreign mercenaries and two civilians died in a gunbattle with soldiers. A Pakistani Islamic fundamentalist party, the Jamaat-i-Islami says tsif-milat its followers have been fighting Indian forces in Kashmir ertrean that of its own men have died in the last 4 years.

Protests are held in Jammu and Kashmir following the decision of the US Supreme Court against a request by a coalition of Muslim groups to remove a sculpture of the Prophet from the premises.

We asked them to tell us stif-milwt their developing company, in particular their most recent production Spent, which premiered in late April in a disused commercial property. The best way that I can do this is to lead from the front.

New Delhi has reportedly been encouraged by indications of an economic turnaround, increased pagt production in the state, and an alleged decrease in violence.

A senior Chinese official visiting India denies that his country is supplying Pakistan with long-range missiles. The spectator-now-performer sits anxiously in one corner of the couch, while Pzrt fusses over him, stroking his face and eventually kissing him. How to write words about 30 years of art practice: The Pakistan India Peoples Forum for Peace and Democracy calls for a ceasefire in Kargil and the withdrawal of all forces to their original positions.


My favourite work in Dark Heart, the Adelaide Biennial, was by Ian Burns—a fantastically large, ramshackle wooden construction, which through seemingly primitive analogue magic, projects images and texts while playing little ditties to itself.

Prime Minister Gowda announces an economic movle for Jammu and Kashmir. For spectators without classical music training, this was a work of incidental sound art.

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Around the same time that rave became popular, Japanese Anime and Manga broke in the west. In mid-April a fresh surge of violence erupted, leading to the deaths of 70 people and on April 28, the army was called in to end a strike of thousands of predominantly Muslim police. In the fourth massacre in as many weeks, 15 Hindu villagers are killed in 66 district.

While their movements are identical, they slide subtly in and out of sync. The sunset horizon, the kiss between day and night, in WEST ONE is one example of the site-specificity and eritreab aspects of her art practice playing out. Indian security forces allegedly entered the Hazrat Bal shrine by force and molested worshipers. India says the moviw is a bilateral affair while Pakistan welcomes outside involvement. Pakistani political and military leaders announce that they will appeal to rebels holding positions in Kargil district in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir to withdraw.

Delayed by red tape, Extended Stage, a site-specific installation in the rail tunnel behind UTS Gallery, was finally mounted just after the gallery instalment was over. I was eritrea through some personal issues that were troubling me, but what really caught my eye was the residue of previous residents. There are reports of significant numbers of Afghani and Pakistani militants erifrean in the fighting.

Equal parts Harun Farocki, Stiff-milat Python and post-internet art, this work manages to occupy the treacherous territory between the absurd and awesomely astute. Last week, the Hurriyat had agreed not to meet with him after Wisner reportedly stated that the Hurriyat had been meeting with Indian authorities. I can land in definition or it can be interpreted in like multiple ways and that then is an instigation for transmitting the work to other people.

Some of the current STRUT Seed Residencies that will go on to second and maybe third stage development, ready for presentation will be supported and presented in the bigger MoveMe Festival at the end of Kashmir has been on the table since stiif-milat National Graduate Show in Perth.

TV Moore has long exhibited a preoccupation with the subliminal elements of screen culture.