I am more than willing to give up some credibility for dramas, but the last episode just went over the line for me. And when JW came to hug her, and say sorry Let the crazies stay together in a crazy house. She likes him enough to have a casual relationship with him. And the outcome hinges on his acceptance of Sister Kook? But with just 2 remaining episodes left, I have a feeling it’s bound to have a rush ending.

Sly and Single Again Favorite. They take the money and start a new business without the Guk family. Outside the office, Ae-ra witnesses the entire scene. Seunghyun is the worse since he acknowledges it and still does what he wants even abusing his position to do so Jung Woo smiling and going all formal made SH have, “What have I done,” moment Remember when he saw AR push the annoying colleague into the office plant and automatically blamed and yelled at AR? Please, please, please don’t change that! That being said, I am desperately hoping Ae-ra remains the cunning, feisty, assertive and determined lady she is. Perhaps it was only expected, but I still found it powerful.

After Ae-ra overhears Yeo-jin planning to cover up the luxury handbag switcheroo, the two ladies head up to the roof. Her being pregnant just speeds things along. Ating in ep8, for they played girlfriend and touching drama online at home when she was five, 2, viki: There is plenty of nepotism in the US too, in smaller family owned companies.

There are only two episodes left, and I worry about the next one especially.

Kiara April 14, at 7: Oh wow, episode 14 really got me! OTP need to form a united front to save DonTalk.


Korea, pretty much the Steve Jobs there. At least, that is what I would like to see.

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I know that when it comes to love, everyone can do anything even for killing. But, I really love episode Go In Bum Supporting Cast. Great point, Minjung wants to hitch herself to a parasite. Episode For the 1st 15min, wrap up the company issues.

Jung-woo arrives on the rooftop in time to see the fight but not its cause, and he rushes over to the fallen Yeo-jin.

Ae-ra joins Min-young in their apartment, only to find her friend crying in the bathroom. That was when she attached herself to JW. Newer Post Older Post Home. LMJ was really deliver her emotion very cunming to the viewers. From episode one we know that he loves her and she loves him not.

Just a wacky thought – what if Manager Kam’s toothache is actually a bug not the insect type but the listening type implanted in his tooth because Manager Kam is a secret spy for a government subdivision that’s technologically challenged and that’s why the tooth bug is so big that he has to keep covering it. Oof… what a way for Jung-woo to learn about singld prosthesis.

It would make sense to go their if it were tongue in cheek OTT funny, but it’s not. She asks Jung-woo to let things be for now. Your email address will not be published. She needs it a reality check not a marriage. Not that it’s any less annoying that he involved in a relationship he has no business in, but yeah Like, are they hiding something they can’t show?


Seung-hyun appears and greets his team, inviting them to remember the bonds they shared when he was an intern, and to look upon him favorably.

Wpisode 14 and Her silly fits and now her “but I can’t live without him! There should be a limit to your delusions YJ.

Me, too, and I like it. There is no such thing as inexperience.

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I got teary eyed even from reading the recap. The Big Glass Elevator should be mentioned in the credits. He loses everything, becomes penniless again, but she stays with him despite it. This aspect I could go on more about, but. Jo Eun Cha coming clean under the oath and telling all sundry that President Park tries to bribe and bully him.

Episode 15

Here, the acting works for me. I was really liking this show up until around ep Epdrama marriage not dating ep 5 29 okt 10 online of being alone. The epissode under one blanket scene between Park Sun Nyo and Pedro love this couple. The two women struggle, until Yeo-jin collapses to the floor. It seemed that after losing her husband and leg, YJ wasn’t much more than a corpse.