Maybe evil mom’s body is a recent aquisition. And if his mother is a non human evil being then what does that make him? Things are starting to come together…. It looks like Arang is finally thinking about doing something again–yay! I liked Faith, but I am already getting more attached to this one I loved Arang from the start and it got me hooked from the begining but for Faith it’s different, it’s almost like I want to force myself to like it loll.

He needs to move on into his story. Our two heroes have to kill mom and sis. He was probably encouraged not to, because he was trying to escape from poverty and mockery and being called “skin and bones” It’s not really possible to go film this in an authentic village with absolutely no signs of modern civilization around, since you need some way to transport all the film equipment and extras and stuff. Eun-oh stumbles into the room in a daze and sinks down to the floor. I think Mu-yeon is trying to have it both ways. I could do better than that shooting home video.

All we see is the edge of a skirt floating by in the dark. Dol Swe, of all people, was the one to discover the missing bones! I look forward to your recaps after every episode. Great recap, JB, followed by insightful reading, as usual.

That’s how I ended up dropping a few dramas. Unless she’s not the full mystery!? She wants to find out who she was so she can say a proper goodbye to her mother and father. It doesn’t hurt that they are both stunning to look at as well.


What i also think is that her families death was probably a consequence of a lost badook game Hades won so in turn she epdra,a vengeful against them which is why she is potentially immortal. Loving this drama so far!

I think the Bad-Fairy has some sort of memory-blocking or erasing capabilities.

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I used to watch this at night, mzgistrate have learned that first thing in the morning, when the sun is comfortingly shining is way way better. The world is a huge place people! I agree, I love these twists. Is it possible pureeeeeeeeese!

She was allegedly kept as a slave. I wonder how Choi came to meet Mu Yeon.

Arang and the Magistrate

Can’t wait for the next episode!!! Maybe now that she’s done with LSR, hope that she’ll be able to tell EO’s how much he means to her – maybe a tight hug — with a kiss, if possible, maybe I’m asking too much ey?! Kiara August 30, at 8: But he was born to such magietrate circumstances, an orphan beggar. Remember the twins talking about the imbalance, someone who died that was not on the list, and the lost souls, the wrong to be righted over the past episodes?

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He walks away and the ghosts vanish. It was a bit of intro-intro-intro where some characters just zoomed by, but I loved how quickly the hour went. Random Thought-The hanbok color combinations make me think of ribbon candy colors.


He burns a talisman and then drinks the ashes. Mu-young asks the same with fewer expletivesand Hades says Jade gave it to him as a test of his will. XD Although I’m loooving the pace, and all the mysteries and clues, I really hope they develop the romance a bit more now as well, since they seem to be neglecting it a little for all of the show’s other aspects. His concern over his master and Arang has me stitches. Okay, as far as Arang’s first death eplsode it’s mixed in with the soul-eating thing.

D and you’re recaps and opinions make the viewing experience more fun to me. Cause we don’t want to mess up the plot simply because one likes a character But on the other hand, if he is being used to be a symbol of tragedy and a cautionary character, then even though they like him they will go ahead and let him suffer in this life and the life to come. I want to get right to the middle of the story my favorite part.

Epdraa she mwgistrate on, found lord choi and found him a “son”. Download the latest version here.