Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Each and every one fitted in completely. Soniaaaaaa thank you dearest! Both fall for assumptions that could lead to the death of an otherwise good relationship. FK acted out the scene so well!!!! It was heartbreaking to hear her apprehension as to how she will be unable to live if Zaroon ever leaves her. It does not even occur to him that he should state his case preferably by starting with a sorry. His feeble attempts at reconciliation sans a heartfelt apology do not move Kashaf and that upsets him.

I am going to wait till I peg her in a space. Love is in the air.. Have watched them so many times its crazy!!! I just LOVE your review! I am still mesmerised by this episode!!! D Ah our bacha is so full of himself but we love him regardless: May 25, at Zaroon was searching common points of interest to converse to his wife….

Who would have guessed a self-proclaimed Casanova would fumble nervously and measure his words to a woman? The whole team of zindagi gulzar hai deserves a lot of praise, including blooeprs writer, director,dopand the actors especially the two leads, they have done an amazing job in giving us a masterpiece. You are right about Osama…. Welcome to Talk Soap. What did he expect?

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Precap for Episode Email required Address never made public. Really couting the days till Friday, and I think its going to go quickly. Samina Peerzada is a beautiful woman absolutely gorgeous and so is Hina Bayat. I was driving back home with my brother and I simply asked him what he thought about the mess that ZGH is and he might not be the greatest intellect on this planet but he said that apart from few good dialogues and great acting, there is nothing that makes ZGH worth watching.


Well they covered the wedding in less than two mins…. Talk Soap has a facebook page so please show your support by clicking the like button — http: I really appreciate Rafia. It seemed like so many minor details were taken care off, which is a big part of getting an blokpers episode to turn out so well. From a few well thoughtful dialogues, this episode was a heap of mess and consisted of so well thought out bloopers that you had to wonder, were they deliberately trying to insult our collective intelligence?

It is so ironical that the very man, who left his wife for want of a son, goes back to her requesting b,oopers to take care of his son. Love reading them right after the episode. What was he thinking?

This is a girl who has lived with rejection from a man, her father, and is now slowly and warily stepping into a hitherto unknown territory of being a recipient of male attention, which has slightly softened the rough edges but there is a long way to go before she fully entrusts her heart in the hands of a man. The crucifixion of working women was full on swing in this episode today. It will be interesting to watch Zaroon and Kashaf bond.

ahi September 25, at Neither is unaware of the bumps they might encounter in the future. Been replaying several scenes 10 times since it went on air!

Every single moment, every dialogue, ever glance. What a contrast from his accidental meeting with her on the driveway! We only learned that Kashaf has natural ability to sniff when Zaroon is down or not feeling well. Now about replaying button…. Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 19 Review: Thats an interesting guzar about chand being a reference to himself…. It is hard to maintain a sense of balance and clarity, in action or words, when you feel cheated out of a zindagu relationship for no fault of yours.


Maria View all posts by Maria. Each scene was impeccable. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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As usual a brilliant review. Bt still gluzar view is imp for me do tell wat u think of it. I hope so too Amal…. Put him in any situation, give him any space little or more and he is sure to own that space. Tau Dil Ka Kiya Hua: He lays down another rule conveniently forgetting that he zzindagi the first one to break the other two rules set by him.

But God has blessed their heart with love. It was an awesome episode!

Anyone else in her place would have hid behind that excuse to lash out at those closest to him or simply ignore. A very good morning to you. You said it all.

Kashaf blushing and the other glances exchanged?

Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 18 Review: “Till death do us part…” – A Forever Promise! | Talk Soap

This was exactly how i felt! Truly, this episode was beautiful. Wowww Neerja What a surprise!!!!!