They have not had a trial, and HQ has not authorized the action. Golden Wind 20 Kaguya-sama: Compare Credits Compare this anime with others. To really grasp them, I had to take notes. Like Votoms , Dougram takes the half-digested example of Mobile Suit Gundam and attempts mass production. Cut to an establishing shot disguised as a shot of a second animal, a desert bird. Chico recognizes the reporter and uses the same nickname for him as did the Federation soldiers. Lacoque and Von Stein see Zaltsev to pronounce judgment:

In response to a question from Lartav, Carmel claims Samarin will be along to take over negotiations after the preliminary stage. Lartav rebuffs them, stating that Reik has declared the hospital a neutral zone. We check back in with Jackie Zaltsev, serving a month in confinement for his stunt in episode 30, which aired 3 months earlier. Rocky, himself a recognized local, steps into the fight. Adjutant Hans Dripp refuses to be evacuated from headquarters, saying he wants to see what will happen to Palmina and believing Reik had the right idea. Both shots of multiple supporting characters are replaced. Destin sells this information to Lacoque, who calls Carmel at the named restaurant to introduce himself.

The rebels fight their way to a militarily vulnerable power facility near the city. Rita tracks down Destin in his hotel room, where is complaining loudly and conveniently over the phone with Lacoque that he needs the booze to live with himself as a traitor. Morea and Donan discuss their children. In the attack on the meeting, the turned resistance fighters who revealed its location to the Federation are both killed by Federation soldiers.


The emotion suggests a nod to Space Runaway Ideon The narrator concludes that the date is SCFebruary 23rd, the day the act of Deloyeran statehood was proclaimed. Kunio Okawara Sound Director: Studying the aftermath in Doga, Reik learns that the rebels use weapons produced on Earth, with bogus Deloyeran branding.

The crowd seems to side with her.

Taiyou no Kiba Dougram (TV)

Nanashi has her pour coffee into his cupped hands. After the others leave, Donan is apparently struck by a minor seizure and takes medicine.

Lacoque orders Reik back to Kardinal over the sensitive matter of the blockade.

Powerful enough for humanoid vehicles, yet triggerable even by infantry. Meanwhile, Huckle has completed repairs on the Dougram and Crin returns to battle, killing Brink and squadron leader Burrell, the last pilots of the 24th.

We see Soltics disassembled at the waist and packed into crates. Earth is mentioned as having 8 billion people and its carrying capacity is dropping. Reik punches Lacoque in the mouth.

The ceremony features Daisy representing Earth and another girl, with darker hair and skin, representing Deloyer, implying that Deloyerans are generally darker in spite of the mukokuseki character designs elsewhere.

The Desert Gunners are six-legged, with broad, epislde feet, built specifically to overcome that problem.

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A more personal reason is that my father once gave me a model kit of the Dougram itself after a trip abroad, long before he or I knew that Japanese animation existed. Elated to epiisode the Fang still alive, Samarin tells them that they must not choose continued struggle and death.


The 6th Army, under Brenner, garrisons the north pole. Amid the commotion, Crin stumbles away. He orders the incident reported diugram an accident. They fly in over Kardinal City on glider wings as the ranger unit sets off satchel charges.

Zaltsev goes to meet Samarin, who sends out trusted men to unify the various rebel forces. Donan hotly denies acting out of self-interest.

To attack from the front of the stands during the races. She reminds him that he is missed on Earth. So let’s have epieode look at what ANN readers consider douugram best and worst of the season. Like the Dougram, it is protected against the X Nebula, and is similarly mobile and resistant to E guns. He does it to allow Rocky and the rest to escape. Ritsuo Sawa as Station Emplyoee ep 1. They retreat upon seeing the main rebel force. They recognize that he is redeeming himself and assist his escape.

Rocky knew him well. Shigeyuki Hosoi as Bugs. Reik slaps some sense into spisode. Chico downs a Soltic while Crin has a tense battle with the last two avengers, Hank and Aaron—both of whom survive after taking a tumble—and their reinforcements.

Daisy discusses a dehydrated orphan with her supervisor.