That one is called “DopeJaws”, and it can be downloaded here. And, in , Lee Jackson took Bobby’s original veggies song, and made it a bit more sinister. But, in similar form to Keen’s apperance in Doom, Dopefish appears to be dead. It’s freeware, so if you’re into Dopefish, and run Windows or Win95, then you should get this! In addition, I’ve had several messages from people asking me about this possible Dopefish cameo in Rise of the Triad. The music itself appears in more than one level, but to Keen and Dopefish purists, the song has been dubbed “Dopefish Level Music”. It’s the one where you’re chasing Gognitti over the rooftops. A shot of it can be seen to your left – the program itself is free, as is this download!

This time from Deacon Ross, who tells us that he had to create a flash animation as part of a school class lesson. On Christmas , Brenda Jackson Lee’s wife took a printed enlargement of a screen capture and did a pixel-for-pixel-accurate needlepoint tree ornaments, and I had coffee cups made out of my own pocket with a Burpfish on them. I played the game a little bit, but quite frankly, it’s crap. Tom also sent along several screen shots of Dopefish’s appearances in the game. If you’d like to read a little more about this, go here. Dopefish was one of the characters from these drawings that made the cut. Dopefish is the product of the fertile mind of Tom Hall.

Remember what id did to Commander Keen in Doom had several dead Keens hanging dead in a secret room in Level 32?

Over the time since the last update, I’ve collected many submissions that folks have sent me, I’m going to chronicle some of them here yeah, I know most of these weren’t actually submitted in However, on March 21st,the Fish mobile was no more.

If you’d kovie to check out Chris’ page, go here. In Moon Burger on Hephaestus, occasionally jumping out of the ball pit.


Please correct nnight if I am wrong. Anyway, first up is a Dopefish sculpture seen to odpelives right. When you’re playing the game, you won’t notice it, but if you dopelivss at this section of the game in the automap, the walls are shown to be in Galactic Alphabet, which is an alphabet that Tom Hall had created for the Commander Keen games.

Seems that Klaus works for a banking company and worked in a Dopefish cameo into his software. That’s not surprising, since Tom wasn’t involved. He says this about it. In the summer ofwe were sent a second If there are ever any new Keen games, you can wager a goodly amount that the Dopefish will be in it.

Meet our weird friend inside. He created this Dopefish fishbowl animation. Here’s the info he sent me: I’m known for a few wall rattlers and personally did the voice of Dopefish in Wacky Wheels and Rise of the Triad. Well, a report came in that Dopefish made a cameo appearance on ” Tiny Toons Adventures “, which is produced by Steven Spielberg.

[Dopefish] Dark Souls 2 Character Creation! | Dark Souls | Know Your Meme

A dopefish halloween costume. As I do this update, I haven’t updated in ages 16 months. It’s been discussed, but it’s never happened until now. Even though he Dopleives legally belongs to id Software, he is a welcome adopted member of the Apogee family.

[Dopefish + Greg (and Nooya)] Saint’s Row 2 Co-op – Part 1 – Helicopter Race and Insurance Fraud

If you want to see what it looks like, you can click here for a shot. Special thanks to Tom Hall for sending me over this information on Anachronox. I had a skin screenshot submitted to me by someone from the game Kingpin.

Back when we were working on Wacky Wheels, I was talking with Andy Edwardson about Dopefish, and he thought it was a funny gag. Rene also has a rather large self extracting Photoshop file of his background image if you want that it’s about 4.


In the summer ofChris did a sequel game called Dopefish Forever! The picture to the left was taken shortly before the principal of the school Dr. Dopefish music has been ongoing for a few years now.

dopefish GIFs

When a race starts, you need to hold down the brake, and spin your animal in a circle to the right two complete turns keep spinning and braking. I’m of the thinking that just because a fish is green, it doesn’t automatically mean it’s supposed to be Dopefish.

Christian says “Got a few jpg’s of a stuffed Dopefish my sister made for me. Ngiht also were sent these two screen captures from an episode of the TV series “Invader Zim”.

If you’d like to see that, click here. I can just imagine what that teacher was thinking. On ChristmasBrenda Jackson Lee’s wife took a printed enlargement of a screen capture and did a pixel-for-pixel-accurate needlepoint tree ornaments, and I had coffee cups made out of my own pocket with a Burpfish on them. Wolfenstein Fish – In September ofI was sent a screenshot which the sender whose name and email I have since lost says is from the recent game “Return to Castle Wolfenstein”.

Max Dopefish – The plan to get Dopefish into as many games as possible continues with the apperance of Dopefish in Max Payne.

The Official Dopefish Home Page

It’s rather ropelives – I showed them around to a few people here at 3D Realms, and they got a big laugh. This next one doesn’t really count as clothing, but it’s close.

If you play Keen 4, you’ll find this one. Below the Burpfish on the mugs is the caption, “Eat Your Veggies!