In August , he transported some of the materials to Bosnia and Herzegovina. A punitive camp, with no mass executions. Israeli President Shimon Peres visited Jasenovac on 25 July , dubbing it a “demonstration of sheer sadism”. Slovenian right-winger Roman Leljak will promote his book and film denying academic research-based data on the Jasenovac World War II concentration camp at Catholic church venues across Croatia. The state holds this right since, while precious men die on the battlefront, it would be nothing less than criminal to spare these bastards. The viewer is shown a headline from the Partisan newspaper Vjesnik , said to be dated from April , which says that corpses tossed into the Sava River at Jasenovac had reached Zagreb. Informativni glasnik in Serbian. War and Revolution in Yugoslavia, —

They examined a total of seven mass graves, which held a total of victims’ remains, and concluded that the entire Jasenovac complex could have around similar sites. Hundreds of workers died from disease, exhaustion, or by drowning in a nearby marsh. Then he took the child by its whole-leg, and banged it on the wall until it was dead. Together with the estimate of , “collaborators and quislings” [ clarification needed ] killed, the total number would reach about one million. He divided the “Jasenovac labor force” into 16 groups, including groups of construction, brickworks, metal-works, agriculture, etc. The State Commission’s report has been the only public and official document about number of victims during 45 years of second Yugoslavia. Himself, commander of the Jasenovac concentration camp archive footage Slavko Brill This practice was later abandoned.

Archived from the original on 22 June Hundreds converted to Roman Catholicism at the urging of Archbishop Aloysius Stepinacthereby saving their p lives. The Last Story of the Century. A handful of men, many women and children, without enough clothing, sleeping on a stone tablet at night, screams all around, cries and sobbing.


Systematic extermination varied both as to place and form.

In Aprilthe film was played as part of the religious studies curriculum at a high school in Sisak. Retrieved 20 July Archived from the original on 2 April On 10 Aprilthe Independent State of Croatia was established, supported by Nazi Germany and fascist Italy, and adopting similar racial and political doctrines.

Ustasha Crimes of Genocide.

CS1 German-language sources de Articles with incomplete citations from September All articles with incomplete citations Wikipedia articles needing page number citations dokujentar September CS1 Slovenian-language sources sl Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from April CS1 Croatian-language sources hr CS1 Serbian-language sources sr CS1 maint: Prikazan dokumentarni film “Jasenovac — istina” Jakova Sedlara” [Split: The Germans and Italians on the one hand, and the Partisans and the Allies on the other.

Retrieved 8 June This investigation uncovered three mass graves and identified 17 human skulls in one of them. The film then offers a glimpse at the British documentary A Painful Reminder: Retrieved 13 October Controversial Slovenian right-winger Roman Leljak will promote his book and documentary masenovcu The Jasenovac Myth across Croatia for three weeks from the end of this month, using venues owned by the Catholic Church and local municipalities.

Journalists and scholars uncovered further inaccuracies and misrepresentations in the weeks following the film’s release.

As the Yugoslav wars unfolded, Croatian forces vandalized, devastated and looted the jadenovcu site and its museum during September They were driven out from Jasenovac after a month by the Yugoslav People’s Army. The second edition of Vojna enciklopedija reproduced the figure of the State Commission of Crimes,victims in Jasenovac up to In other projects Wikimedia Commons.


The company was joined by Ljubo Milos and Ivica Matkovic. Major perpetrators Nazi ideologues.

Jasenovac concentration camp

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Joint Council of Municipalities. Translated by Kendall, Harvey. Archived from the original on 11 August The film expresses doubts about the incomplete list of over 83, victims compiled by the Jasenovac Research Institute, which supposedly includes the names of people who had been killed elsewhere by the Germans and Chetniks. Serbs talk ofAnd what did you do with the children A.

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Leljak, a non-academic researcher, has for years independently worked on Communist Partisan crimes at the end of and after World War II, as well as the crimes committed by the Yugoslav state security service, known as UDBA.

Since World War Dokumehtar, scholars and Holocaust institutions have advanced diverse estimates of the number of victims killed at Jasenovac, ranging from 1. The wish was eventually granted in July In this way, while Jews were deported from Tenje, two deportations were also made to Jasenovac. Archived from the original on 25 November The screening was organized by the Croatian Benedictine society, and attended by the deputy speaker of the Croatian ParliamentAnte Sanader.

The camp was prepared for the arrival of the delegation, so nothing incriminating was found. An epic documentary of rise and fall of Ustasha regime in Croatia.