She gets warm welcome by the office employees. Shivani replies him saying she used to get scared during exams but eventually she comes out as a winner. What will Raghu choose? She even insults Govindji. When Shivani comes to know about his gesture from her office employee, she will develop a soft corner for Raghu and realise that he is actually a kind hearted guy. She realizes her love for Raghu. She dreams of spending her rest of her life with Raghu happily in his house. Raghu tells her that he is helpless and he has to do the stunt anyhow as he took the money in advance.

Shivani has fallen in love with Raghu and therefore gets ready for him. Stay tuned to watch the blooming romance between Raghu and Shivani. Raghu gives the divorce papers to Shivani and asks her to sign on the divorce papers. Will the hatred will blossom into love? She blames herself as she refused to give money to Govindji. She regards him as her husband. If the love is true then it will surely find a way to the heart. She bumps into him and they have an eyelock.

She says, it is in the interest of everyone if the divorce happens now itself. He tells her that he wants her to get wk to someone of her status. Shivani comes to the office and imagines Raghu as watchman, peon, employee.

Bella tries to stop Raghu but Raghu assures her that nothing can happen to him. He resigns from his job to help Shivani at the office.


Some of these questions will be answered in the coming episode. Raghu makes it clear to her that he is her mere servant and nothing else.

Shivani is falling for Raghu. He indirectly boost her confidence. Stay tuned to read this space for the latest update on the show. Jazz fears that their mishandlings will be revealed to Shivani and she may throw her out of the house.

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He gets angry on Shivani. She says, he takes care of her every wish. Raghu and Shivani are seen walking. She imagines him everywhere as watchman, peon, employee etc. Will the two souls unite?

Shivani insults Raghu and refuses to give money. Raghu is shocked by her revelation and packs his bags to leave the house.

Shivani asks sf forgiveness from him. She will also realise her mistake of trusting her own family and doubting Raghu. Raghu gets unconscious while in the water, divers dive in and take him out.

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Raghu supports her like always. Shivani saves Raghu from death like a dutiful wife.

Stay tuned to watch the twist on Maha Episode on 8th March. Renuka Aunty is always ready with her evil plans, what will she do now? He knows that Shivani will do exactly opposite of what he says, therefore he decides to take the help of reverse psychology. She realizes her love for Raghu. Mahima tries to persuade her against her decision but Shivani is adamant as the question raised is about her ego.


Shivani looks at Raghu with tearful eyes. She gets worried for him. She gets warm welcome by the office employees.


What episodd Raghu do now to protect Shivani from her manipulating brother Jazz and his wife Mahima. They will be seen in a jovial mood like never before. Shivani urges Raghu to open his eyes. Lawyer is seen standing. Raghu determines to get Shivani settled with Karan. The new villian Fil, is upto something? When Shivani comes to know about his gesture from her office employee, she will develop a soft corner for Raghu and realise that he is actually a kind hearted guy.

He instigates Shivani against handing the business which leads the latter to take up the business responsibility on her shoulder. She rushes him to the hospital.

Shivani comes inside the Mela and is shocked to see Raghu on fire as he jumped in the swimming pool. Raghu is searching for vil prospective groom for Shivani. Raghu eek, I will handle the business and asks her to stay at home. Govindji feels miserable and helpless. She even insults Govindji.