He begs for forgiveness from her. The drama, Dil-e-muzatar, ends in a very pleasing way. When Sajida finds out that Imtiaz rapes Zebo, she kills him. Yes it was a very good and visually appealing opening episode. My one request, is to the sound editors, could we please lower the volume on the background music? The drama reaches climax Yousuf, meanwhile, crosses all the limits to prove his love to Zulaikha.

Mohsin Gilani is another one who seems to be quickly getting typecast. It revolves around the lives of hero Yousuf and heroine Zulaikha. After divorce, Saman marries Azar. My one request, is to the sound editors, could we please lower the volume on the background music? Udaari ends with the agreement of Arsh and Meeran for marriage. It was an interesting start to be sure.. Both of them are totally of opposite mindsets and financial statuses. Arsh falls in love with Meera.

They save Bano and her mother. Baseerat asks his son Ashar to marry Khirad. My one request, is to the sound editors, could we please lower the volume on the background music?

To take revenge from the family, Maham marries Bakhtyar. Zara is the wife and Aunn is her husband. After some days, Zara gets pregnant with her first baby. Bano also raped but she survives it. Here, Khalil falls in love with Shaano. Later he breaks it. She finds out that Hassan is now interested in his cousin Rabia. He and S stay at home all day long and do nothing.


Dil e Muztar Full Episode 17 by HUM TV

How do you keep up with so many dramas and getting time to write their reviews so fabulously? Moeez also kidnaps Farah. Sila also gives birth to a son named Affan. The rpisode scene shows Zaroon playing with his daughters. At a family function, Aunn meets Zara. Saba goes to pack her belongings.

As Dil-e-muzatar proceeds, Sila wins his ee. Farah admits her love for Wali. He lives in a nearby house with his 2 nd wife and a son. She regrets her doings and Moeez locks her up.

Dil e Muztar Episode 17 HUM TV Drama – video dailymotion

Zaroon gets engaged to his friend Asmara. She asks him to apologize to his family too. That man rapes Bano. You are right about Saba hameedsame look,same dialogue deliveryy style Like Like. Umer marries Shifa after that. She tells everyone that she was driving. The story of this drama encompasses the problems of a couple. Click an actor from the cast to explore his or her online dramas. Sarah falls in love with Hammad. Every frame was beautiful. We came up with 14 dramas that are worth your time.


He has a hope in his heart to meet Maham. Hammad finds her and brings her back. She has always wanted to make her niece, Sara, her daughter in law. He begs for forgiveness from her. Meeran used to hate her profession.

Meanwhile, Agha Jan gets his 2 nd heart attack. Aunn says that he wants to marry Zara.

Sila loves her cousin Adeel. Maat ends at the scenes of 4 years later. Maat forwards to 25 years later. Saman calls Aiman and tells her about her miserable life.

Vidpk — Pakistani Entertainment Portal. What did surprise me though was the cliffhanger.

Dil E Muzter Episode 17 By Hum TV

Right after the marriages, Ahmed tells Nabeel that someone is moving into the apartment. Due to this, Behroze dies.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Shaano and Khalil are engaged since birth.