Auvard, — ‘s lncnbator, — ‘s nest, F. Nachlassendes — , F. Grandmother, grand’muth-er, not gran’muther. Assoc ate, as so’shi-at, not as-so’shat. Short Jiair are brushed soon. Artikel — gelenk, n. De welt is gros, d’r him’l bio, W6s 4 ani nSt wil is de 6ner fro. Lederhant, t choroid, F.

Yochdhfirn, Hunting horn, Jagdhorn. De welt is gros, d’r him’l bio, W6s 4 ani nSt wil is de 6ner fro. Each one tries to get abend of the other in wishing. Thus dog is pronounced dawg, coffee, caw-fee, etc. Shew, sho, not shu. Chisel, chiz’el, not chiz’l.

Drei Dschungeldetektive – Wikipedia

Tribune, trib’uu, not tri’bun. Aufheber Muskelm. Peter Mordy once got drunk, and falling asleep, fell from his horse.

Erwachsensein ist k ein Kinderspiel.

Drei Dschungeldetektive

Ansteckung, t contagiosum, f. So he still lost them. Re- covery, re-euv’er-i, not re-cuv’ri. Fershruken’r mO un ‘n bas’r bull.

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Die Junge leie allweil sch till, Un schlofe alle fesclit. Inflame, toa F. Till in the middle then it flies out again. How far does the crow fly into the woods?


Umblllcal —F. Viscount, vi’kownt, not vis’kownt. Paul Blaschke Introductory Note of Dr.

What uses the largest handkerchief in the world? Since I have been successful in seoaring the help and collaboration of distinguished members of the medical pro- fession in the preparation of this work, I now launch it forth in the hope that those who make nse of it will find it in every respect satisfaotory.

Kl lesmwiiM, l, weisse —s. Spetlalabtellnag- nv Fabrikation von Fuikentndaktoren. When he went down he cried because he had to go up again, and when he went up he laughed because he could soon go down again.

Add to wishlist failed. Paul Maar, Ulrich Limmer Narrated by: He that despiseth his neighbor sinneth. Tortoise, tor’tiz or tor’tis, not tor’tois. No hen se 61s g’exazeert, o;odeldoks wor we de soldawda gMrillt warraf’r in d’r greek.

In Karton Mark 2. The clock has stopped, ganser have no light ; The old folks are in their bed— We are not afraid — the; sleep soundly And snore. We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. As lie invoke he said: Diese Anordnung hat folgende Vorteile: Sonnen- stich, ul E. An’r hut de geik g’shbeelt for r n fib f 6rs paar. Nose —F.


Now joy, now sadness me beguile, And tears will course o’er every smile, And bring their pleasing pain! Liar Bachmnn once saw a limb sitting full of pigeons, and he did not know how to shoot so that he would get them all. She — Why yes, ppodeldoks fully.

Geschlechts- krankheit, t sexual Organs, F. Wie heemelt midi do alles a’!

L yellow elastic tissue. Mtual, — cantery, F.