Transparent, tians-par’ent, not trans-pa’rent. Die Grose hen die Grose? Des mocht f ‘leicht dal 51 ta bas, Duch sawg ich’s frei harous. Mutterscheidenfluss, m, weisser Fluss, m. Felsenbein- und Hinter- hauptsbein-Naht, f. Sacrament, sak’ra-raent, not sa’kra-nient.

Geschlechts- krankheit, t sexual Organs, F. Des is g’shriwa fum Allentoun Fredensbota Mon. Tranquil, trang’kwil, not tran’kwil. On Christmas we usually give gills to our friends. In the hope that this Manual may serve as a guide to the study of English, and that it may facilitate the acquisition of the language, a thorough knowledge of which is indispensable to every Pennsylvania!!. A lazy mule kills himself sooner than a diligent one.

The wife smiles already, holds the door with her hand, Breakfast is ready, everything well prepared, The children are jumping because full of joy, And kiss their father, outside of the door.

Covetous, cuv’et-us, not euve’- chus. The hindmost has the snake in hU hat.

When did he die? KanJMtehe, t der ZahneF. In Karton Mark 2. Whether a book is slill in copyright varies from country lo country, and we can’l offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed.

Aux- iliary, however, follows the rules. The faces are greasy and Uie hands arc dirty, Many are black, that we hardly know them, But the heart is right honest, conscience is white, And each one filmm proud of his honest industry. Compound liniment of camphor. W6s m’r nSt was, mtfcht Sm net ‘has. Des wor gros’r g’shbOs. Vaccinate, vak’si-nat, not vas’si-nat. It contains English words with their Pennsylvania German equivalents.


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Full text of “Pennsylvania German Manual, for Pronouncing, Speaking and Writing English “

Vulvitis; — der kleinen Schamlefzen, F. Aekille — adecte 7 — tartaricum, F. Gros’rshiik’l shdul, Armchair, Lehnsessel. Sue has prepared everything: Valley, — of cerebellnm, F. Zaccheus, zak-kt’us, not zak’ke-us. Yets liar mil d’r saf, un’twiVr ricbt wuwrin, ‘S vitist aich guns on’ra liont uf ‘m firm, ‘S hem ia gebig’lt, ‘b gukt files gSna nei, Un yuta kumt f Srgnega, de harta’r sin trei.

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The apple does not fall far from the stem. Gegen- bockmuskem.

And neither stiff legs. The buried past unlocks its graves, While memory o’er my spirit opodeldosk The wand of other days. Steinbildung 1 im Magen, E.

Sinai, si’na, not si’na-i.

Drei Dschungeldetektive

Each one flim what his labor shall be. Instrument aum Blasen- schnittE. With the aid of this vocabulary the reading exercises are to be translated into good English. So the farmer sends out the fire To burn the stick. They were so eager for dancing that tbe fiddler could hardly get around. W6n d’r lgtsht de shis’l mit ‘m oi nSmt. Nasal, na’zal, not na’sal. Speckhaut t xie ge- ronnenen Blutes.


Altercate, al’ter-kate, not awl’ter-kate. X represents a compound sound, which is either a combination of ks or gz.

The flm used to have a hole in the ground, and one would lay in the ball and say who should throw. Un won se aw ‘n bis’l dut, Don mocht’s yo gawr niks ous. Each one tries to get abend of the other in wishing. I’ve been in many houses since. Figmcel, krcizmeel, ringmeel, kfitsftktip un gensibos is 81s mit welslikorn karnii ilddV gneb uf shdik’r bord g’shbeeld urtra Lfich bflla.

Gelbes —F. Geburtshilfe, L, Entbindungskunst, f. The following comprises a list of words which are frequently mispronounced, not only by Germans, but also by the English part of the community: