Some gyptian children disappear, and soon a friend of Lyra, gets taken away as well. When the shot changes to the front at In a parallel universe, young Lyra Belacqua journeys to the far North to save her best friend and other kidnapped children from terrible experiments by a mysterious organization. Chris Weitz screenplay , Philip Pullman novel. On their way to Svalbard in the north, Lyra learned a lot of exciting and dangerous things. Why is Nicole Kidman playing Mrs. The Golden Compass is not a bad movie.

The mother of Lyra. Its a great film to watch for Christmas and will hopefully do well at the box office so the Subtle Knife is made very soon. Best bit was the polar bear fight er Serafina Pekkala Jim Carter Richards pulls off the character of Lyra perfectly, she’s cheeky, at times rude but alway likable and definitely well acted. Quotes [ first lines ] Serafina Pekkala: We’ll set things right.

Steven Loton as Tony Costa. Overall Golden Compass is an entertaining two hours, that could benefit from another half hour. A very tough child, with no fear, what so ever.

The Golden Compass isn’t bad, it’s cast is too good and it’s too well made, but something fundamental to good storytelling – heart – has been lost, leaving a final product as icy and impossible to care for as Mrs.

Lyras onkel rejser tit og hun ser derfor ikke meget til ham. Characters of His Dark Materials. During pre-publication of the novel, the prospective trilogy was known in Britain as The Golden Compassesan allusion to God’s poetic delineation of the world.

Der er tre visere i stedet for en.

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Edward de Souza as Second High Councilor. It all starts at this, I am not actually shore of what you can call it, because it is a bit different than life itself, normally is. He has no fear, just like his daughter. Children’s literature portal Fantasy portal.


Coulter for a while, she kompassett out that she is a Gobbler, and runs away. Ian McShane as Ragnar Sturlusson. Connections Referenced in A Night at the Movies: Scott Green Super Glydne.

Lyra’s friend Roger goes missing, presumed kidnapped by mysterious child abductors called “Gobblers”. Me, I just think it blows. Jim Carter as John Faa. Jack Shepherd as Master.

I have a few major problems with this mainly, mainly I suppose because of the changes from the book, in fact had I have not read the book I most probably would have completely adored the movie rather than have just liked it.

Iorek kills Iofur and regains his place as the rightful king. I’m sure kids will like it, maybe, it is long and I think its boring so maybe not.

Didn’t get invited to any Academy Awards after-parties? His full name is Philip Nicholas Outram, but he changed it to Philip Pullman when he became, rather famous.

“The golden compass” (P. Pullman)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Just before this can occur, Coulter arrives and halts kkompasset intercision process. P No [2] PZ7. In a parallel universe, young Lyra Belacqua journeys edt the far North to save her best friend and other kidnapped children from terrible experiments by a mysterious organization. I am a huge fan of the His Dark Materials books, and was reading all three in preparation for the movie to come, I was praying this would be the new fantasy epic to watch.

But thanks to great teamwork and true power, Lyra and her team, attacks both Mrs. Why is Nicole Kidman playing Mrs. Lyra, Iorek, and Roger continue onwards to Svalbard, where Asriel has kompasseet his Xet research in exile. Lyra activates Bolvangar’s emergency alarm, sets the station on fire, and evacuates the children, where they are rescued by Scoresby, Iorek, the Gyptians, and the witch clan of Serafina Pekkalawho battle the station attendants as Lyra, Roger, and Iorek flee in Scoresby’s hot air balloon.


Article 1 is a direct quotation of Pullman no date. But it all looks good, and the kids are likable, [and] Kidman makes for an intriguing villain.

By the time Pullman had gylcne The Golden Compasses with His Dark Materials as the name of the trilogy, the US publisher had become so attached to the original kompasswt that it insisted on publishing the first book as The Golden Compass rather than as Northern Lightsthe title used in Britain and Australia. On Disc at Amazon. Dagen efter flyver hun med Mrs. Children’s fantasy novelsteampunk. At first, the book seemed quite boring, but as I continued reading the book, I was surprised by its greatness.

Kompssset deeper, darker, and much more engaging than the likes of fantasies like the Narnia franchise. Stelmaria voice Edward de Souza Stylish, slick, and unfortunately troubled by another studio forcing a writer and director to try and cut gyldnd movie down so its more income friendly.

A meeting will soon be in progress, and there she will hear some quite interesting facts about Dust and Aurora the northern light. This alethiometer, she is told to deliver to her uncle, which really is her father, Asriel.

Derek Jacobi as Magisterial Emissary.