He will then tell you to go and set the Water Pumps. Of course not everyone have the ability to target the assigned HAM-bar, so the rest will have to make random HAM-bar hits. This is the 2. Only 1 month after we started to take interest in the Death Watch Bunker, we have crafted both a Jetpack and a Mandalorian Armor Helmet. Get him to move the droid to Mappoint If you do not know where it is, you shouldn’t be going, but for reference, its in the NW of Endor.

Most NPCs are level Quickly activate that terminal, and get your tanks to draw the Overlord and the other mobs inside the room out into the big room. Both items were made within 4 days of each other. This is about having fun. MA is required to craft the following Mandalorian Armor Parts: Reply 4 of Viewed times.

Reply 15 of Viewed times. The Full Wiki Search: This terminal controls the little bnker droid. It is a high-level dungeon filled with members of the Black Sun crime ring recruited by Death Watch organization.

After a few seconds, the crafting is complete, gunker the item is placed in your inventory. Wagch have not attempted to repair it yet. When fighting a SBD, channel once or twice. Unpack a lot of area stimpacks, and throw them like you were throwing candy at kids in a kindergarden. Of course not everyone have the ability to target the assigned HAM-bar, so the rest will have to make random HAM-bar hits.

All the stuff you ever wanted to know about DWB!!!

Get the MDE to go to the crafting droid on the 2. Makes the Corvette look like a piece of bnker. No badge or anything. You stomach filling is decaying VERY slowly. Medium — Weakest Resist: And death for a Jedi in the bunker is a very real possibility.


If anyone goes rogue, it may very well kill the entire group. These spawns have been confirmed to be on Yavin IV and Dathomir. Hop to it, soldier! And different guides often contradict each other on crucial key points. Reply 7 of Viewed times. If you create a Jetpackthe entire group will be immediately ejected back to the Bunker entrance. The Group and their jobs Before you start, you have to make sure that everyone in the group knows their job. The MDE need to have 2 items bunked his inventory before he can yuide the door: Back to Archive – Dark Decay.

Death Watch Bunker information – The Full Wiki

Go to Endor, NW of Smuggler’s Outpost When you arrive you will notice a lot of red dots everywhere on your map. Contact us for permission requests. As of chapter 5, traders have combat skills, so are agroed by all “red” NPCs, therefor a crafter will not be able to solo the bunker.

Bring a cheap weapon you can tank with. You have 5 minutes to complete the crafting process before you will be ejected. Always be ready to mindheal a team member if they take bunkwr mindhit. August 17, November 16, R.

If you dismount, it will also store instantly. Essential for mind buffs, but do not inconvenience the Ent until you are absolutely ready to go.

Tanks need to make sure that no mob attacks anyone else in the group. You can also see your group mate standing at Mappoint And you need a leader and a co-leader that are willing to spend a lot of time dfath preprations, and wacth lead the group inside the bunker. Only the crafter will be booted out after crafting a piece of Mandalorian Armor.


Inside the bunker you will quickly notice that Filling is bugged.

Death Watch Bunker: Misc

After a few seconds, the process should be done, and you got yourself a deed for a brand new Jetpack in your inventory. Co-leader alerts security at Mappoint 9, gyide then a tank draws the mobs that spawns between Mappoint 8 and 9 into the room where everyone is standing Mappoint Here you need to prepare yourself and your team.

Only one member of the group needs to have spoken to Boba Fett and they will have to punch the switch at the very start to gain access for the watvh group. You may only craft one piece at a time. Then move back to the Foreman at Mappoint 30 to complete the quest. Muon and Pixie are the things to look out for Haldo is a Crazed Miner, and can be found at several places.

It is unclear at this time if the weapon has already been ‘balanced’ ahead of time it was scheduled to start dropping again in Publish 10or if the schematic dropping is intended or not. Mediabox Archives War to Reclaim Gobb.