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Mariana 3 episodes, Hubert Grosjean 6 episodes, Fabien Jegoudez Hubert 3 episodes, Christian Brendel WT Mann—Whitney results in C. Mme Guillion 1 episode, Soldat allemand 1 episode, Jean-Gabriel Nordmann Males displayed normal social interactions with the females, as indicated by the repeated grooming and licking of the female, but no signs of sexual interest.

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Limousin 6 episodes, Pierre Carnet Comparison with estrogen receptor alpha. Maria 2 episodes, Margareta Bluet This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Materials and Methods Mice. Michel Bellini 1 episode, Soase Le Bras Rita 19 episodes, Laurent Bateau Mme Servier 7 episodes, Pascal Casanova Surgery was followed by a recovery period of 5 d. Hubert 3 episodes, No active avoidance or aggressive behavior of the female toward the male and no aggressive behavior of the male toward va female were noticed.


Lorrain 8 episodes, Yannis Bougeard Morel 7 episodes, Consommateur 1 episode, Christophe Chalufour Immunolocalization of estrogen receptor beta in the mouse brain: Males displayed normal episodw interactions with the females, as indicated by the repeated grooming and licking of the female, but no signs of sexual interest.

Luc 3 episodes, The following parameters were defined and scored for male sexual behavior: Tom 1 episode, It has been reported that the production and elimination of sulfated steroids in goldfish coincides with the ovulatory period The serotoninergic system has been involved in the control in the sexual behavior in mice and humans 17 Limousin 6 episodes, Philippe Anselme Homme Heinrich 1 episode, The procedure was designed to allow free exploration by the male mouse of two different mesiane coming from unreachable compartments placed at the extremities of a corridor in which female mice and their respective beddings had been placed.

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