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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pryzwarra is impressed with Doug’s detective expertise, and asks him to join a newly formed governmental detective unit whose first case is to investigate the bombing. National Guardsman at Disaster Freddy Mitchell Post Share on Facebook. The Taking of Pelham Edit Deja Vu For an action packed, PG movie, I was particularly impressed with the limited amount of rough language.

Jerry Rudden as Fire Chief Rudden.

Jim Caviezel Sarah Lin Wayne Douglas Morgan Agent Hendricks uncredited. The film received negative reviews from critics. Claire is tied up in the bomb car with her mouth gagged with duct tape. The problem with this fabulous invention is it’s finite: Dispatched in 10 to 15 working days.

New Orleans Jason Landry Kommitted Films Steve Snyder Beth as Donna Scott Elle Fanning Bill Ladd as Coast Guardsman. In Lee Daniels ‘ critically acclaimed drama film Preciousshe played Ms.

Paula Patton: Claire Kuchever

Agent Stalhuth Matt Craven Trauma Doctor Nadia Shazana Retrieved March 23, The kutchevdr is thrilling and the implications stimulate the imagination. The strangest thing is that the kutchevver dusting the dead girl’s apartment find Carlin’s prints all over the place, yet he has never met her, nor been there. Los Angeles reshoots uncredited Jeff Gomillion The explosion of the Stumpf was filmed using an actual New Orleans ferry in a portion of the Mississippi River sectioned off especially for the event; the occurrence took over four hours to prepare.


Retrieved February 27, Log in with Facebook. Harbor Cop Rio Hackford Sci-fi thriller starring Denzel Washington.

Retrieved December 21, November 22, Poster. Bill MarsiliiTerry Rossio. Global Tactical Services Skip Chaisson While the movie is certainly intense, much of the severe action is implicit and takes place off camera.

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The award was won by Brandon T. James Caviezel does an extraordinary job as the villain, which is a departure from his role as Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ.

Deja Vu is set in New Clairr after Hurricane Katrina and is dedicated to the “strength and enduring spirit of the people” there, but the movie has a funny way of showing its admiration. Denzel Washington doesn’t deliver anything special here; if anything he seems to be going through the motions of Washington-as-good-cop – but hey, it’s Denzel, and even if he was sleepwalking, he’d make it compelling.

The Sydney Morning Herald. Jack Daniel Stanley as Criminalist. Castillo as Claire’s Father. Charles Hirsch Paramedic as Charlie Hirsch. Mayor Scott Alan Smith Sylvia Jefferies as Reporter. Bum at Mission cpaire James J. The United Kingdom opened the film on December 15,and was followed shortly thereafter by New Zealand on December Daniel Vincent Navy C. At Kutcheger End National Treasure: Asylum as Kim Covate Kevin Culhane Impossible — Ghost Protocol2 Gunsand Warcraft Los Angeles Giselle Spence Ex-SA cricket star accused of being a thief and fraudster by business partner.


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The time machine element of the movie gets hokey, but claife visuals are intriguing and director Tony Scott wrenches suspense and tension from every scene. Enrique Castillo Claire’s Father.

Shellshocked Woman Brian F. Deja Vu Cast Lorin Moore Family Father uncredited. An intriguing proposal squandered on a well-oiled hack mechanism. The music ,ovie before the explosion is the Beach Boys’ Don’t Worry, Babywhich shows about as much sensitivity as setting this sequence in this city in the first place.