A sleazy businessman plans on murdering his wife, but upon returning home, he finds that she has already been kidnapped by a young couple who he previously screwed over; though instead of paying the ransom he revels in the delight that she is now gone. Then she shoots out some white light and it hits Tommy. Tommy closes the lid on them. Are you okay, Merton? Merton looked at Tommy. Although I have to wonder how many of them are actually just Phelous. Feel your way towards me.

Oscar Wildean We may be stupid, but we’re not clever. This is no time to lose your cool. I came back for you, so we could play. Merton, Lori and Tommy ran in different directions. BlueArmedDevil They said this bomb was clean. Merton looks down and we see a wad of toilet paper trailing on the floor behind him.

Scene shows them in the junkyard. They went out the back door by the bar.

This was followed shortly punchee with a call from him and Doug mandating how many midrolls we were able to use, among other insulting things. BlueArmedDevil They said this bomb was clean.

He doubled over in pain. They ran out the door. Terminator Tom, we must go save the world! A large Halloween mask-making company has plans to kill millions of American children with something sinister hidden in Halloween masks. Bob flies around a corner. Let’s go out the back. Clarifying none of the exits outside of Phelan had anything to do with me, and even then Phelan and I had been planning on leaving for quite some time.


I don’t see them. At least the drama that the public got to see. A broad who looks 50, is actually 30, and acts like a year-old. With the help of an intense Vietnam vet, a sexy neighbor lady, and a pizza man who they’ve kidnapped, the garbage men do their best to crack the case and protect the environment!

They set obsxurus on the bed. The Asylum’s Sherlock Holmes 15 May 7. Let’s go back to the lair. You shouldn’t be so mean, it not vewy nice! The second time she does it, during the zoom, you can see him give her a bewildered look. I’m not a kid! Search for ” Obscurus Lupa and Cinema Snob: Lori felt him let go of her hand.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Lori looked over at Merton and he looked at what he tripped over. Vince and Bob appeared. I don’t feel so good. Edit Details Release Date: Great, what do we do now?

Asylum’s Sherlock Holmes () (Obscurus Lupa & Cinema Snob) (FROM THE ARCHIVES) – Vloggest

Merton was still on the ground. I’m on the ground, I tripped on something. Obscurus Lupa and Cinema Snob: Brad the “bastard” https: The post credits gag is a second take of that scene where he accidentally fails to pull his punch and genuinely hits Lupa in the face; he spends about 30 seconds apologizing for it while Lupa comments that he “hits really hard”. Stars on the Oscars red carpet pick the nominees they’d love to work with on a project.


In fact, when he quit, Rob was really bummed out because he enjoyed his stuff and how much it leaned toward original content. A top Russian ballet dancer, who defected to the US, crash lands in his own country. Lori comes around the corner.

He got up and started wobbling around. Edit Did You Know? We have to bwing you with us, so we can play fowever! Obscuruus what they didn’t count on was a runaway bride, and a hot pursuit by a pesky sheriff!

After many of us had filmed them, they randomly told us they could only be 30 seconds long. They walk a little ways, then the electricity goes out. She can reverse it!

Obscurus Lupa and Cinema Snob: The Asylum’s Sherlock Holmes

Who are the other two? It’s Vince, in the junkyard, with some friends. Scene shows Merton and Lori in the woods.