Reina Ozaki as Librarian ep Noriko Ueda as Female Student Tournament receptionist. Reading the poems, Kana realizes Arata is Taichi’s rival for Chihaya. Ned Gayle as Shibata ep Chihaya ditches studying, but arrives after Taichi loses. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

Crunchyroll to Simulcast Working’!! Juliet Simmons as Kanade Ooe. Embarrassed, she runs away. She and her mother went to live with her grandmother, who took Shinobu to the Myojo Karuta Society when Shinobu became interested in karuta. He challenges Chihaya and Taichi to play a game with the cards turned over. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist:

Mitsuru Ohshima Naoki Suganuma. Chihaya returns home and is touched when she finds that her father has started a scrapbook of clippings of her accomplishments. Komano realizes he isn’t losing to Kana so much as to himself. Shinjuku Private Eyes Feb 22, Chihaya, able to take cards from Yuube, but unable to defend her own, realizes her card placement is right-handed.

Shannon Emerick as Arata Wataya Young. Tsukuba, worried about Kana’s stamina, asks to replace her in the final, but Miyauchi thinks he just wants attention. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Chihaya, Arata, and Taichi play Retro and his friends in a three-on-three Genpei match.

Crunchyroll to Simulcast Working’!! Noticing Chihaya is enthusiastic about karuta again, Chitose calls her agent wpisode arrange for more auditions. Shuuji Inaba as Karuta Reader voice. Chihaya meets a boy named Animeulitma, a talented karuta player. Edit Cast Series cast summary: When Natsume Takashi inherits a book that belonged to his late grandmother he realizes the book is filled with the names of spirits she defeated and bound to her will.


Ricardo Contreras Poem Translation: Chihaya reflects that faults are costing Komano his match against Kana, just like her faults cost her the match against Kanai earlier.

Yoshimasa Hosoya as Arata Wataya. Harada catches Sumire spying on the players through the door. Reina Ozaki as Librarian ep In the first round, Chihaya faces Ririka Tachikawa, a child prodigy hailed as the next Shinobu. She threatens to forfeit the tournament if the officials don’t let him play. Top 20 Best Anime of Adam Gibbs as Taichi Mashima. Add to My List. Keiko Yuube defeats Nishida, but Kana wins her match immediately afterward. Afterwards, the team tells Chihaya how Saeson won two matches in a row and how they advanced to the playoffs before losing to Fujisaki.

Revolves around Futaba, a girl who was in love with a boy named Ko Tanaka in middle school. Nishida defeats Taichi and makes Class A.

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Shanae’a Moore as Taichi’s Girlfriend. When Chihaya says that players memorize the positions of all the cards, he does not believe her, but he pauses when he realizes that Taichi, the first-ranked first-year student, is in the club.

Ranked Popularity MembersTaichi says nothing, but thinks that it is because he and Arata think of Chihaya as belonging to both of them. Shinobu defeats him by 24 cards. Search for ” Chihayafuru ” on Amazon.


Komano wins by taking his opponent’s card. Meanwhile, Chihaya’s childhood friend, Arata Wataya, the prodigy who introduced her to karuta, rediscovers his lost love for the old card game.

After reflecting on their weaknesses in chihayaufru tournament, Taichi says the one thing everyone in the club lacks is stamina.


Taichi struggles against his opponent, making him think chihayaruru lacks the seasonn to win. Arata defeats Nishida, but Nishida’s technique and determination impress Arata.

Taichi declines, saying he wants to focus on becoming a person who doesn’t run away. She also realizes how a right-handed defense is weak against a left-handed player. Kana defeats Komano, and both make Class C. Brittney Karbowski as Nayuta Amakasu. Taichi catches up to Emoru using Komano’s data, even pushing Emoru into a fault. Taichi and Nishida learn that two schools get to advance to the national tournament from Tokyo this year.

Twenty first-years, Sumire included, apply to join the club, although most are inexperienced and intimidated by the effort the game requires. Yuki Suetsugu Character Design: The series aired on Nippon Television between October 4,and March 27,[note 1] and was also simulcast by Crunchyroll.

Yuka Nishigaki as Male Elementary Schooler. Kousuke Yamashita Original creator: January Jan 29, Taichi researches the schedule of upcoming karuta tournaments so the club can use them to meet their individual goals. Meg-nyan All reviews 28 people found this review helpful. As Yumi takes several cards in a row, Shinobu apologizes to them in her mind that she wasn’t able to save them.

Nishida loses his match.