Published September 30th by TokyoPop first published January 1st But you can’t just punch a guy every time they call you stupid! But then when I read this book, I saw the part where Himeka told Karin that he really didn’t mean anything rude. Oct 03, Madeleine – Tei rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: During the dance, Kirika takes her ring without her knowing. Saya mempunyai rekan kerja bernama Kazune Kujyo. Overall – I won’t be reading any more from this series.

Also a bit of KxK. Then it is revealed that Kirika isn’t dead. Himeka is sweet, and I liked her, but there’s altogether too much yelling for me. Searching by Phantom-Squeaky reviews Sequel to Dreaming. Would recommend for middle-schoolers and young high-schoolers especially. Zumindest ging es mir so.

Lists of anime episodes. On the other hand, Karin has switched her outfit with Himeka’s sumo outfit karln must run from Kirika so eoisode not to embarrass herself. Micchi tries to use the power of his ring to save them, but ends up being eliminated as well.

My Diamond by Chickencookies reviews She shined like a diamond as she sang her feelings in a lonely pub. Would recommend for middle-schoolers and young high-schoolers especially.

But, nevertheless, this series is worth reading. Her only friend is Shi-chan, a small kitten who eventually dies after her parents pass away and she lives with her aunt. Kirio turns into Kazune’s father’s research partner, Kirihiko.

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But then when I read this book, I saw the part where Eplsode told Karin that he really didn’t mean anything rude. But I guess the really handsome guys get way more fangirls. Shouldn’t she be gorgeous as a goddess and can stay ordinary when she’s in normal human form?


This book made episoce laugh out loud and yearn for the next one as soon as I finished it. Refresh and try again. Kamichama Karin 7 books. Karin is a clutz, a ditz, and a episod girl. But she offers her cute outfit to Himeka instead of using it, for the sake of Himeka’s crush. She was Suzuka Kujyou from the past and was turned back into a baby by professor Kujyou to protect her. The Church dominated the kingdom and declared all those with Catnip a sin. Karin and the gang go to the beach.

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To tell you the truth, Kamichama Karin, had me And to change this, Prince Kazune needed her. And maybe this is silly, but I don’t get why Hamika had to give Karin a makeover, especially if she’s eventually go Meh.

Kazune finds out from Kirio that Micchi’s ring is powerful. What happens when these two meet? Kazune is actually a episoode of professor Kujyou and he is incomplete, which is why he passes out after using his kimika. She was an OK character, and the story was sort of funny at times, but this manga made me realize what I don’t like about most manga: Shortly after recovering from her nightmares, Karin starts sleep walking and waking up in totally random locations.

I guess my idea of romance has just changed. I’ll probably get the next volume the next time I’m at the library.


Story Story Writer Forum Community. Peisode says that their current power weren’t enough to destroy the seed.

By using this site, you agree to the Kamichams of Use and Privacy Policy. Himeka and the other Himeka have a strange dream with them both in it. It’s not the most original by any means, but it was one of my first manga, so I’m biased. Return to Book Page. When at the cat’s grave one night, a young kamichamw named Kazune Kujyou approaches her, but she gets angry at him when he calls her a moron, punching him in the face for it.

It’s a great start to the series, only a few pages in and I was laughing out loud at Kazune and Karin’s first meeting. Die Handlung an sich fand ich ganz gut, wenn auch nicht herausragend.

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The day for the performance has come, but Karin gets a episkde ache and can’t perform?! I like some silly fun with my magical girls. Karin and Kazune are trapped in Kirio’s house!

After Kazune and Karin are done fighting the evil Mastermind, Mr. You may be surprised.