If it is a strength workout, the weight Cathe is using in the workout is also listed and how many reps you will do. Skip to content Order Starting May 1st! So there it is! Nancy, my schedule requires me to have Sundays off. Hope my STS posts help. Just from the previews, I can see that Cathe really out did herself on this one.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Nancy, my schedule requires me to have Sundays off. However, if you are more concerned with all overall fat loss and want upper body as well as lower body work then I would get Metabolic Total Body. Cathe, you’re the BEST! But can you list required equipment for each DVD? Are you ready for the ride of your life?

Some healthy snack suggestions: Or do a little bit of each one in some specific order and just add minutes each week?

Low Impact Series November Rotation

I invite you to join us and see friefrich yourself! At this time all orders will be locked and all sales will be final sorry no exceptions. Are the slide and glide disc safe for use on hardwood floors. On orders that qualify for free shipping we will select the shipping carrier usually USPS. I am very interested in the high intensity low impact option. You srries commenting using your Facebook account.


Think its impossible for it to hurt so good?

Cathe’s Low Impact series – Cathe Friedrich

You will think very differently about low friefrich when this workout is through with you! Have already pre-ordered these and can hardly wait until they arrive.

I am a Catheoholic…love everything she does…An inspiring teacher motivator- made me love fitness…. The following rotation is for all of you who have the Low Impact Series Bundle and want to do a one month rotation using it.

As soon as I’ve recovered from my port a cath removal surgery I’ll be diving in.

Over time you will get stronger and will be able to go longer, harder, and heavier. Cardio Supersets or sub in Cycle Max if you have it Thurs…. Some of us, including me, have to work certain stubborn muscle group harder. HI i love working ourt with Cathe, I have a question.

Hi Cathe, I love the low impact series! Simply look for the green truck logo to enjoy free standard shipping on selected items throughout our ShopCathe store.

And the boxing gloves are for Hard Strikes, a kickbox workout. If you are wanting to focus on your glutes and do not care as much about building muscle in the rest of your body, then definitely Great Glutes because it hits the glutes hard. Low Impact Challenge Fri…. You can purchase the entire program in two versions: Which chapters are used in Yoga Relax Express Workout used in the 5 day rotation?


Low Impact Series November Rotation

Each time you complete one of the workouts segments, the next segment picks up cayhe yet another invigorating challenge. But it goes so much further than that.

Here is a list of all the extras: Nancy, my schedule requires me to have Sundays off. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Low Impact Challenge Sun….

Cathe’s Low Impact series

Anyone who knows anything about Cathe workouts knows she is the queen of premixes—well, she has again topped it all with Xtrain. Of course, then there is the workout manager. Appreciate any extra tips on the food! She must be cwthe mind-reader!!! It features a high energy rocking soundtrack along with super fun choreography that keeps the impact low, but the fun factor and intensity WAY high!!

Low Impact Challenge Thurs…. There has been an error, please check the information you entered and try again.

Tri Sets Lower Body Sat…. These videos sound great!

What more could you ask for?