This is great,,,,my son also just arrived there. You are commenting using your Twitter account. It is a great way to get ahead while being away from home. I am currently at Camp Buehring, Kuwait. This is actually a benefit, as the hum drowns out most of the snoring of my tentmates. You can sit in your room and play video games, watch stuff on your TV or get out and do something for yourself and others. Wish all the best of luck and speedy return.

We are in the northwest corner of the country. Thanks for the pics. Sometimes the troops do give her a little bit of a hard time, though. You are commenting using your WordPress. It is nice to have some information as to where my son is. Only one thing can give The Oasis the homey feel not even the game table, TVs and air conditioning can convey.

Is it still standing?

We were there when Baskin Robbins first opened. Nice to hear and see some pics of where you all spend your time. The larger generators roar. Lastly there are a number of colleges and universities that offer classes on site and online.

USO Camp Buehring

She knows, for example, what a simple DVD of a favorite movie, or sometimes any movie, can mean to a soldier moving forward. God bless all of the Men and Women serving our country. For persons with disabilities experiencing difficulties accessing content on archive.

We just got married in Aug and he has been gone since sep training before he arrives over there.

Their father works at the embassy. She figures her children loved that part, too.


My son just got there today and we were excited mmovie see where he is. There is a permanent party at Buehring, however. Only one thing can give The Oasis the homey feel not even the game table, TVs and air conditioning can convey. They put the base here to be away from normal Kuwaiti life, of course. You got to keep your nails done up. Home Acting Secretary Patrick M.

The weather in November is very pleasant, high of about 75 or 80 during the day, and a somewhat chilly 50 degrees at night. You got to keep a little lipstick on. If you are being stationed there please considering volunteering some of your free time to help them out.

Theater Gateway Now Open at Camp Buehring

Her daughter, Patricia, must have. Best of luck to you too! The tent holds about 14 guys, and is very crowded. The 18th anniversary of the Liberation of Kuwait. I spent 9 months stationed at Camp Buehring from May to Feb This gives me great insight as to what his living conditions are like. I am currently at Camp Buehring, Kuwait. For me it was how I stayed sane. I will admit that I have been caamp emotional since he left us and part of my anxiety is worry over what conditions he is living under.

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The S-6 channels did extensive amounts of work to ensure we had lines of communications. Over 20, personnel will deploy and redeploy through Camp Buehring over the next several months.

DVIDS – News – Theater Gateway Now Open at Camp Buehring

Email required Address never made public. This is actually a benefit, sdhedule the hum drowns out most of the snoring of my tentmates.


So now I can get an idea about things over there! My son is with the Idaho National Guard. Fifty light sets were placed in order to properly illuminate the billeting areas and water points and porta-johns were brought to accommodate our large throughput. Photo by Samantha L. You have reached a collection of archived material.

So this relieves my anxiety. Here are pictures of the tent: Jennifer- my son just arrived there October 9th for a temporary layover.

USO Camp Buehring

His time there was temporary too. Beitter relies on a collaboration of 10 different units working in tandem to handle the influx of personnel. I was stationed there when it was still tent city with a few trailers for permanent staff.

God bless and keep you! Although, he is back and forth between Kuwait and the danger zones, this does ease my mind a bit. Thank you for your courage and commitment and God be with all of you throughout your deployment.

Her son lives in California. I capm encourage you to get out and do something, it makes the time go by a lot faster. Notify me of new comments via email.