The best parts were when Luther realized that his supposed-to-be-in-a-coma roommate has actually been lucid for several weeks His schemes of revenge and escape are barely credible, but the farce and the failure tell the truth in this gripping story. The stop sign had stopped shaking and was now whistling and going back and forth like one of those piano metronome things. Newbery- and Coretta Scott King-honored author Chris Curtis moves into the present in his third book, but his trademark light touch and humorous approach to serious subjects remains the same. I really wanted to give this book 5 stars. She is raising him so once he is old enough he can run the shelter but he does not want to do that. One can argue that classic literature has a lot of outdated phrases, terms, and cultural doings that are not “in” anymoreand are of course dated Luther is a success with science fair projects but less so with love as evidenced by the well-aged condom in his wallet that he’s named Chauncey.

The book was written descriptively and colorfully and so I would recommend it to anyone around my age who enjoys mystery and excitement but can handle a bit of sadness. Farrell helps his mom take care of people with different types of disabilities or bad habits. The story has serious undertones — Sarge is certainly no Mother of the Year, and thoroughly detestable — but the overall tone is pretty light-hearted. Are you coming over? I think there are several reasons for this. Luther has dreams of winning the school’s next science fair so he can get a scholarship and leave Flint, Mich.

That was for practice. Falling Action is when the Sarge got the boys in troubloe for sueing someone well at least trying too sue someone Luther is occasionally dim, but it’s his pal Sparky whose convoluted plans end up being funniest. And what is it that that great football coach, whose name escapes me at the moment, once said? The Sarge bucklng always pay them but if they did something wrong instead of paying them she would torcher them. This book was about a guy who would take care of older men and his boss was the sarge.


Quotes from Bucking the Sarge. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Curtis is the father of two children, Steven, an ensign in the United States Navy, and Cydney, a college student and accomplished pianist. The story has serious undertones — Sarge is certainly no Mother of the Year, and thoroughly detestable — but the overall tone is pretty light-hearted.

Sparky was ploy standing with his eyes squinched shut. Luther’s problems are interesting and the resolution fun in an odd way, but it’s all a little too light. Again my arm shimmied. But his mother has him working nonstop trying to groom him to take over her empire.

We display the minimum age for which content is developmentally appropriate. She’s a tough, angry woman, and wants Luther to follow in her footsteps.

Bucking the Sarge Reader’s Guide

A little dated in some areas, but a great story that shines through. Once again the Newbery Award—winning author of Bud, Not Buddy and The Watsons Go to Birmingham— gives us a whole new angle on life and a world full of unforgettable and hilarious characters.

Curtis moved to Detroit, Michigan in January, If we take buciing foundation that the Sarge has given him and the cushion of his cash and add them to his own drive and ability to get things done, I think we have a recipe for success.

If there is a gun in act 1…, but this only goes as far as humiliation. He has Luther’s inner and outer voices down to a science. There is a lot of street jargon that some of us have to work at to understand, but it is very poetic and visual and adds a tangy flavor. How old is your kid? Luther pokes fun at himself and brags about his sarte in typical teenage fashion. In the science fair Luther needs to win against Shayla, one of the smartest people there and Luther’s love interest.

Children born in poverty are at a tremendous disadvantage when compared to children born in comfort or affluence. Curtis is an alumnus of the University of Michigan-Flint.


You have to appreciate both of the boys life philosophy. If it’s got nipples, I’m going to milk it. This new denizen of the home is a great deal more than he at first glance appears to be, and has ideas about what it takes to make it in life that are different from the borderline-criminal ones espoused by The Sarge.

What do you think Luther will be doing in two years?

It’s like a hurricane out here! In the novel the characters show all types of indirect characterization, speech, thoughts, effect on others, actions, and looks.

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Bucking the Sarge

He leaned toward me, closed his eyes tight and showed his teeth. Business enterprises — Juvenile fiction. She knows the difference fhe makes in our society, and even though she also is obviously bright enough to see that education is important, I think she feels that if the money is there, the education will take care of itself. Teen, 17 years old Written by bribri September 16, Luther has dreams of winning the school’s next science fair so he can get a scholarship and leave Flint, Mich.

Mar 03, Jose Martinez rated it really liked it. Some people sarbe agree with what I have to say about Flint today. At age 15, Luther manages one of her halfway houses, drives the residents around in a van with an illegal license, and readies the homes of evicted tenants for the Sarge’s next desperate victims. This was one of those “saw it on the shelf, and it looked promising” choices.