Maboroshi no Princess Hamtaro Movie 3: Izumi Kitta as Benmaru. Yugi, Joey, and others summon monsters, such as the Dark Magician, to help the Pharaoh. The duel will take place tomorrow, and both Pharaoh Atem and Yugi construct the best deck possible to each of their abilities. Unlike a property like Naruto or One Piece’s relatively stable, often episodi Vivian is revealed to have taken Grandpa from the hospital to act as bait for Yugi to duel her; in exchange, she would heal Grandpa’s back.

As Yugi was about to board a flight to Cairo, Egypt, he meets up with Tea, Joey, and Tristan as they refuse to let him leave on his own. When Bakura refuses to help, Yami Bakura forcibly takes over his mind and body, shattering all of the windows in the process while Bakura cries out in dismay. Studio Easter Background Art Assistance: Toshihiko Masuda Art Supervision: Verum Rex Video Game. Brave10 Episodes streaming Apr 17,

Kousuke Toriumi as Kuchiba eps Yami Bakura returns Yugi’s belongings, minus the Millennium Ring, as he states that he still needs it, until Yugi obtains all seven of the Millennium Items. Yugi ends the show by saying that his story has not ended, and that his story extends beyond that of the Pharaoh, who after 5, years defeated the evil Zorc Necrophades.

Rebecca is duelling against the Asian champion, Vivian Wong, not just for a place in the next round, but for Yugi’s heart. However, their plans are thwarted when Yami Bakura shows up and reclaims the Millennium Ring.

Bakura summons Diabound, newly evolved after its battle with Slifer, to combat epidode. Rex and Weevil have sneaked into the tournament against rules under another competitor, and despite both duelling Zigfried Lloyd, he obliterates both of them in one turn with a single card: Vivian is revealed to have taken Grandpa from the hospital to act as bait for Yugi to duel her; in exchange, she would heal Grandpa’s back.


The Pharaoh presents the Egyptian God cards to the stone tablet, and his spirit epiisode sent five thousand years into the past, to when he was still alive and reigned as King of Egypt, even as Yami Bakura uses his connection to the Pharaoh’s Millennium Puzzle to hitch a ride back into the past, intending to finish the battle he started five millnenia ago.

Seto meets a white-haired, blue-eyed young girl named Kisara who is shunned by the citizens. Leon reveals his motivation to duel, stemming from being ignored by his family in favor of the smart, highly gifted and talented Zigfried.

NIS America English cast none. Despite Atem telling Yugi that he shouldn’t cry, Yugi tells Atem that he Yugi is a coward, and that Atem was always his goal. Mie Sonozaki as Kaiou eps Unbound Sword of the Stranger T.

After a bad start, the facilities around KaibaLand go haywire, even putting the duelists themselves in danger: The Untold Story Fatal Fury 2: Rebecca hugs Yugi, much to Tea’s annoyance. The two duel and Yugi uses her strategy of discarding Dragons to the Graveyard episodr his advantage with Dark Paladin.

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Brave10 Episodes streaming Apr 17, Brave10 – Complete Series Collection Sub. Although Kaiba and Joey both volunteer, it will be Yugi that will take the honor.

At the last possible moment, the Pharaoh’s father, King Aknamkanon, intercepts the spirits and convince them to take his soul instead. Everybody barely makes it out in time. Joey is pitted against Zigfried, who previously defeated two duelists in one move using one card. The Thanatos Report Re: Kikuko Inoue epispde Oukatsu. Yami Bakura tells the Pharaoh that the only way to regain his memory is to play a game the Ultimate Shadow Gamebefore departing.

Mana, a magician and also a childhood friend of the Pharaoh’s, arrives to visit the palace. In the United States, the season began airing from August 27, to June 10, Atsuko Takahashi eps even Itsuko Takeda eps odd Associate producer: Zorc eventually overpowers it, since Exodia drew its power from a mortal, Shimon, while Zorc had an almost infinite supply of darkness.


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Mahad’s men take on Bakura’s minions, while Mahad is trapped with Bandit Bakura, inside of the Magician’s Academy inside of a cave. Rebecca’s gain-and-drain strategy is torn asunder by Leon’s fairytale-based cards.

On the Way to a Smile – Episode: January Jan 22, Queen’s Blade Rebellion vs. Alicization’s second act gets underway with this novel, which covers a major turn in the story just ahead of the anime’s current pace.

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Retrieved from ” https: Thief King Bakura, arrives at the palace to claim the Millennium Items for anilinkzz. As Shada realizes Aknadin’s betrayal, he is dragged into Diabound’s tablet by the spirits of Kul Elna. Atem and the others return to present-day Egypt, where they are met by Marik, Ishizu, Odion, and even Bakura, who has finally been freed from Zorc’s malevolent grasp.

GoGo Anime Entertainment Website. Theron Martin has the details. When Yugi shows up and asks if he was Bakura, Yami Bakura denies it, claiming e;isode he himself was someone entirely different. However, Yami Bakura uses Zorc’s immense dark power to turn back time, so he can make sure Yugi never shows up. Leon fights valiantly but loses to Yugi’s Dark Magician.

News News beave archives Mako Tsunami returns from a fishing trip, and he meets Espa and the Roba brothers at the harbor. Kazuya Nakai as Jinpachi Nezu.