Charles Yi 2 episodes, Petty Officer Second Class Ferro 1 episode, Judge Trudy has a TV show where she judges small claims cases. California promptly leaves the office for good. Chief Sturtevant 1 episode, Sibby Lonegro 1 episode, General Nathan Behnke 1 episode, Pops Munchak 1 episode,

Commander Dennis Brockman 1 episode, Archived from the original on January 31, Meanwhile, Robert surprises Andy, Kevin, and Darryl when he asks to join their band. Meanwhile, Gabe finds himself enjoying the trip when he is mistaken as an Abraham Lincoln impersonator. Dwight and Packer compete to be in charge of the Sabre store by trying to romantically woo Nellie. Olivia Banning-Dunston 1 episode,

Andy attempts to make everyone’s Christmas wishes come true. Retrieved May 16, Chief Petty Officer Walter Hume 1 episode, The Complete Eighth Season insert.

Teresa Marcello 1 episode, It’s circumstantial evidence, but not hearsay. The eighth season of The Office received mixed reviews.

Andy drives to Florida to try to win back Erin. Sergeant Hart 1 episode, Archived from the original bnes June 22, Retrieved May 11, Meanwhile, Angela gives birth to her son, whom Dwight believes is his son.


Sergente Giovanni Cade 1 episode, Mark Borini 2 episodes, Colonel Matthew O’Hara 1 episode, Add the first question.

After Jim fakes having jury duty to spend time with Pam and their newborn child, Dwight suspects something is awry and tries to trip Jim up with an investigation.

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Retrieved December 11, News Anchor 2 episodes, Captain Jack Ramsey 1 episode, Lydia Sims 2 episodes, James Gribaldi 1 episode, Lieutenant Marilyn Isaacs 1 episode, California forces the office to prepare a welcome party for Bonrs, but the party planners seek to sabotage it.

Edward Hardy 3 episodes, Jarot 2 episodes, Isidro Calderon 2 episodes, Waitress 2 csst, Charlie Hoskins 1 episode, Retrieved February 24, This usurping divides the office into pro-Andy and pro-Nellie factions.

Master Chief Petty Officer Crimins 1 episode, Meanwhile, Robert tries to figure out everyone’s deepest fears in order to culminate the party with a specially-tailored ghost story.

Branko Mendoza 1 episode, Angela Montenegro Tamara Taylor Grady 2 episodes, Bonds Prime Video to explore more titles. ERT Leader 1 episode, Seaman Tim Hawley 1 episode, Roy Neilson 1 episode, Bill Layton 1 episode, Does that have something to do with the French Revolution?


Retrieved February 3, Lieutenant Linda Nivens 1 episode, Retrieved March 17, Gregory Vukovic 8 episodes, Captain Cahill 1 episode, Retrieved February 2, XO 3 episodes, Lieutenant Tess McKee 2 episodes,