But, if you like to make the lights on main street dim when you are watching Arnie and Sly Stallone, the Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature is a ticket to heaven! Well, don’t forget, the Signature is designed to deliver watts x 5. Originally Posted by cmryan Speaking of which, a decision that requires some thought or experimentation is required here. The edginess is gone. The battle scene, between the U.

Otherwise, some of the power would end up being dissipated by the crossover components in the speaker enclosure. I still love it and think it is a wonderful amp. Sunfire, maker of high-end components for home theater, offers excellent products to the consumer. It is quite an achievement for this amp to rival the performance of the Proceed AMP2 and AMP3 for less than half the cost of the two amps combined. Read more on Page 2. I would take the watt Bryston or even the watt Bryston any day over the Sunfire watt.. These mixes can be an amazing sensory experience and you need a quality amp like the Cinema Grand to do these tracks justice.

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I particularly enjoy Baroque classical music, which is laid back to a certain extent, and the current source sound just fits that type of music for me. I have an older Krel. A few processors may have balanced outputs to connect with these.

As in you could be using W at such a poor power factor that your 15 A circuit is fully loaded during part of the AC cycle, even though you’re only paying for W. The feel of the performance on Liszt’s’ Etudes d’Execution Transcendante, performed by Kemel Gekic, was extremely similar to that demonstrated by my Proceed Amps though the Proceeds seemed to have more strength with increased detail on bass tones.

It looks like many of Sunfire’s other products. Close ups of the two main sections on the rear panel are shown below. In most amplifiers, the output transistors always “see” the maximum voltage from the power supply rail. Inside the amplifier one can see three large 1 Ohm power resistors. The grannd total harmonic distortion. I may sell the Emo’s and give the D-Sonic monos a try.


Sunfire Cinema Grand 200 Five 5 Channel Power Amplifier

Like all Sunfire amps, the Cinema Grand employs a Bob Carver innovation, the tracking downconverter power supply. Microdynamics are as effective as the huge dynamic sequences. Originally Posted by orcrone. It is quite an achievement for this amp to rival the performance of the Proceed AMP2 and AMP3 for less than half the cost obb the two amps combined. Having struggled with close-set binding posts on other amps, this is an important benefit.

When I moved to Martin Logan panels, I started using a separate amp to power my speakers. Now, many amplifiers on the market sure look cool, and are supposed to sound great if you only listen to their advertisingbut what are the real nitty gritty differences? If you look inside the Signature see photo above, topyou find the box filled with electronics.

And, they are right. These mixes can be an amazing sensory experience and you need a quality amp like the Cinema Grand to do these tracks justice. Another nice touch is the glass base, used to ensure proper airflow under the amplifier and isolate it from vibration.

In my research I’ve found a lot of fans, but mixed in were the comments about noise coming from the amp when at low volume. See November, review at bottom of page. The nature of slew rate and amplifier sound is a controversial subject. In summary, now that digital surround sound for movies is the norm, and with DVD Audio on the visible horizon, it is important to have sufficient power in all channels to handle anything and everything. Today’s home theater systems demand more from “under the hood, and the Cinema Grand Signature Series II can certainly deliver.


There are two sets of binding posts for the front left and right speakers.

Over the long term, I would imagine the Signature lasting quite a number of years without problems, since solid state devices detest heat.

On the front of the amplifier there is a joule meter that is backlit. I still think there has to be more to the sunfore sound than that.

When you start listening to more 5. The Signature has filters to limit bandwidth to 80 kHz. Introduction Occasionally a product comes along that defies precedent. The battle scene, between the U. All that screaming and shooting that we get in today’s films are very, very difficult to record without some distortion overloading the microphone preamps.

The frequency response is even across the spectrum, producing a pleasant, balanced tone. This is a massive power sunfrie, and such capacity to deliver the goods upon demand is the heart of any good amplifier.

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The chassis was always cool to the touch, even after several hours of playing time. In our tests, the hum and noise did indeed reach a new low level. The layout of the rear panel is similar to the original Signature photo 2, below.