September 2, at Killing off Jimmy took balls, but was it a smart move? We just used the real boardwalk in Rockaway and augment it with visual effects. He lost everything else to Lucianno, I figure he retires into obscurity after he does his last good deed. Like I said earlier, letting Nucky live with the humiliation of knowing he gave it all up to Luciano — a guy he considered a punk kid may in some ways for so long — may have been a greater punishment than killing him. Episode 12 Who I Am.

Let’s breakdown where we left each of our cast. So if you hadn’t decided to end the show and we had done a season set in, say, or ’27, we might have seen more of that arrangement? I already know how it ends. Oddly enough the season didn’t feel too short. Nah, that was rough. I’m reading reviews now that say Marzano wasn’t in on the hit. I’m kinda not happy about the time jump here.

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Since we see Tommy being pulled away by cops, Nucky has destroyed three generations of this family, which is underlined by the flashback at the end. I understand it now, episoed they flubbed that scene quite a bit. And like I said I think the writing was absolutely brilliant, and I’m consistently impressed with how well they tie things together and make every scene count. He knew he there was getting out of that room alive.

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Largely, I agree tho. And it’s not like Nucky’s a big player anymore. Jimmy was a brilliant, complex, character and Michael Pitt is an amazing actor. So that was a depressing episode. It makes sense, but I didn’t get that impression on my first viewing. It turned out over the course of season 3 and 4, the story bosrdwalk take us to the boardwalk very often.


I love him as an actor, but before the second episode aired, I was there for Jimmy. Allow me to explain this boardsalk edged sword viewpoint of mine before we get any farther. Lucciano is on the rise.

Like you said, they’ve already established Nucky’s backstory as a guy who came from a shitty childhood and carved out a place of power for himself. And he definitely got the last word in. Not really liking the Joe Kennedy appearance. One of the fictional characters who gets a somewhat happy ending is Margaret. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Nucky finally paid the price for the decision that brought him everything he thought he wanted. If you watch the show, you already know. I thought everything was good this week, even Nuck and Margaret. What were the events that made Nucky Nucky. It would have been repetitive. I do think it’s most likely just some young kid trying to get his start, but I could see Winter making it Tommy. At this point it looks like he’s just trying to get his affairs in order.

Who are you trying to kid? If the video does not load please use the external links. I’m fine with the Margaret stuff if that’s literally the last time we se First indication that was going to die was his slow dance with Margaret getting interupted.


That was certainly the case here.

I will need to watch again anyway, I am sure I missed some of the subtle conversation especially the Chalky scenes. Boardwalk Empire is based on the real lives of gansters in Atlantic City. I just don’t think so.

It all came down to the emotion of what epizode him off there in the first place was love for his own daughter and then Daughter Maitland. FIrst episode homie, be cool How do you know that stuff already?

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What was the significance of that letter adult Nucky saw. Watch boardwalk empire season 2 episode 1 megashare. Fill in boarddalk details below or click an icon to log in: Big Jim Colossimo’s death actually happened in May ofin our show it was depicted in January.

It was very clear that the party that was the s was over.

No need to pollute the Internet with this drivel. How old was Tommy at the end of last season? D vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Waldorf and Statler Vol 4: The series finale was perfect for me and arguably the best episode of the entire series.