Report Detail Video contains prohibited content. Vasundhara scolds Sadhana for her carelessness towards Alekh. Diamond D – Get Up. A stranger enquires about the Sharma family. Vineet is shocked to see money in his wardrobe. Prakash gets to know about Kaushalya’s sickness. Bidaai – Episode

Forgot password Forgot Username. Ragini Meets Her Parents. Alekh comes to know that Ragini is Anamika. Avni pretends to be ignorant in front of Ragini. Ella Fitzgerald – Runnin’ Wild. Ranvir sings for Ragini. Sadhana is shocked to know Vasundhara’s plan. Vasundhara asks Alekh to take care of Sadhna as she is sick.

Philip Glass – Sand Mandala from Kundun. Last 7 days Last 7 days Last 30 days Last Year. Ragini’s pregnancy news spreads happiness. Ranvir sings for Ragini.

Episode #1.615

Pig Destroyer – All Seeing Eye. Alekh fights the goons.

The Color Fred – Complaintor. Ranvir wories about Alekh. Tags sapna babul ka Prakash gets to know about Kaushalya’s sickness.


Sapna Babul Kabidaai – Episode : Ragini Meets Her Parents –

On the otherhand, Rajvansh family is worried for Inderjeet as he goes missing. Privacy Public Private Choose whether to make your playlist public or private. Ranvir decides to investigate into Sadhana’s case.

Sulakshana stops Ragini and Puneet’s marriage.

Ragini and Ranvir plans for an outing. Video is violating privacy.

Bomb explosion at the temple. Prakash pleads to Sulakshana in front of the guest. Karan sees Sonia with Ranvir. Flo Rida – Turn Around. Vasundhara asks Alekh to choose between Sadhana and her.

Suhana – Ishan to perform in last episode of ‘Bidaai. Avni pretends to be ignorant in front of Ragini. Alekh goes missing at the hospital. Sakshi meets Tarun in the jail.

Bidaai – Sadhna’s Death

Kaushalya reveals the truth at the party. Prakash pleads to Sulakshana in front of the episoode. Everyone gets to know about Alekh getting lost in Kerala. Ragini is rescued by Ranvir. Video contains spam Video has disturbing content.


Levon Helm – Wide River to Cross.

Sadhana suspects Sonia’s parents. Ragini reveals the truth about Sadhna’s marriage to the Sharma family. Prakash returns Vineet’s debt.

Nani asks Sadhana to meet Rajvansh family.