Sumaiyya tells Aaliya to keep her things in a guest room. Once Shabana goes, she hides the card. Aayath asks her to take her for Valima. Zain takes Aaliya to his room and keeps her on the bed. He further says she threw all the wine which his friend gave. Like 0 Dislike 0.

He asks what happened. Surayya asks him to relax and she wlll do something. Shaziya asks Surayya to stop her, else there wont be much entertainment left. Aaliya murmurs helself, he is very shameless, he would told at least before changing, she would have gone out. Guets says Aaliya is lucky to have mother-in-law like you. A firm friendship is struck by this two women. Then Aaliya starts mingling with them and laughs.

Her dress burns between their quarrel. He asks why is he keeping such a nervous pic of Aaliya.

Surayya asks him what happened. When will u update yaar itna tym kyu lag raha hai. Nafisa says Surayya that this time her game went wrong. Usman asks sorry for taking word talaak and says he is very unhappy about telling that word. Aaliya throws choc back. Maid comes and says Usman wants to meet Zain.

Aradhya 22nd Feb – 9: Constable asks her to check in the parking area. Usman gets happy, but the rest of his family does not. Usman asks where is Aaliya. She shows the pic to him and says how can he stoop to that level.


He asks to convert him room back to Mumbai style. Zain says think whatever you can and get lost. He asks if they met Aaliya. Chandbibi agrees then and asks her to serve juice to Zain. Zain and Usman reach home.

She says she got this habit from him. Aaliya listens this and gets angry on Zain. Zain comes inside the bathroom and sees her struggling to close the suitcase epieode shower.

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Aaliya asks him to epieode the car and says they must buy a bouquet for his friend. Aaliya comes to her room, The room is locked. Aaliya reading newspaper while having tea. Welcome, Login to your account. Usman also asks her to get ready, he will speak to her later. Shaziya gets februarj and starts shouting at Aaliya to doubt her abbu, Mr. Shaziya says as per rituals new bride should go and greet everybody in their rooms. Like 0 Dislike 0. Usman says he wants to send them for a long honeymoon.

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Zain says he was also not ready, dad asked him to ask sorry after seeing CCTV footage, so he took her for a party. Problem is you insulted sacred marriage and Aaliya and asks Zain to say sorry to Aaliya.


She says it was so embarrassing and starts provoking Surayya. He asks her to wear it. Her in-laws will take care of him as he used to take care of her. Aaliya thinks he writteh be thinking of some mischeif. Usman then says he knows about the rift between her and Zain. This nikah has become an embarrassment to her. Usman comes and catches it. Aaliya takes the paper to show it to Usman.

Telly Written Updates: Beintehaa – 10th Feb Written update

Beintehaa jan 29, epi 23 written update He says she is sleeping. Just then Zain comes. If that is the case, she will come to mumbai tomorrow and take back Aaliya. All her clothes get wet. Zain picks Aaliya in his hands as per the rituals and carries her inside. Sign in Recover your password. Surayya and Beintehaq start acting seeing the pic.