Kang finally looks up at her, tears brimming in his eyes. May 20, at And plus, there’s nothing to even hate. After reflecting on the entire run of the drama and especially the last four episodes, including the finale, if you really think about it, as sad as it was, it truly ended happily. I think that it was appropriate because had Yi-kyung’s botched suicide not affected Ji-hyun, everyone would have suffered with Ji-hyun’s death. Sometimes I wish I could cry easily as some of the commentors I have read, but alas, crying like that is not something I can do very easily.

I think of it this way — JH was always meant to die around the time of the accident. Please enter your username or email address. Your analysis hits right to the core. I have never cried such bucket loads of tears like I did for It was such a warm, satisfying ending. While, it was enjoyable while it lasted, it’s not the type you go revisit And I was able to look back on the life I had lived.

Thanks JB and GF for recapping this, its been latewt a great journey. They have a picnic, being adorable together and play-fighting like little kids. After expecting a happy ending, this was so dissatisfying! Did not like it. Yeni porno filmi liza ann. You’ve spoken what I wanted to say. They go to the abandoned studio and she opens up his locker.

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It was such a warm, satisfying ending. Mutfak olgun bayanlar online porno izle. Most other dramas I’m itching to “get on with it already! Definitely touched my heart as well. I think they made JiHyun and Scheduler ‘die for good’ and made other characters live because those actors and actresses have more influence in the entertainment industry. Porno izlemek lysbiyanki izle. I loved the message this drama sends out about how precious each day life is but throughout the whole drama I never even once suspected that they would make Ji Hyun leave after trying so hard to live again.


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Ji-hyun looks surprised, but then instantly she lights up with a smile. Simpsons griffin porno izle online. I did like that JH died, though. But it all lattest into oblivion after wards when it dawned on me that YK finally found her family. D I’m so glad I watched this drama.

Selli May 20, at 7: Bakire porno video nasil kaldirilir. Although I’m Korean, I still watch dramas with subs since I don’t know much bedatibanglow vocabulary that appear in drama from time to time especially Iris You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Sorry, but when I watch TV especially fantasy genreit’s usually to get away from reality – especially after finals this week! Lztest for the recap! Sheila stilleri katilimi ile porno. The Scheduler walks her to the elevator. Porno epiaode telefondaki parodi. It solidifies the assumption that I started this drama with—that the best thing about this show would always be the writing, which elevates everything else, and brings all our characters full circle.

As the doors slowly close, they betray tears at bedayibangglow final parting. I think this ending should have been about Kang Ah and Yi Kyung leaving go; but I feel they were still holding on to the past. Stropone ile porn grppovuha. He tells her that she worked hard, and with a wave of his hand, he opens the door.

Don’t like the YK sister nedayibanglow – it feels a bit like they just wanted to pull the rug from under you again and didn’t think about plausibility. Not just the story line, but of life and death and life after death. Porno eski cumshot derleme.


Kamuflaj porno video kizlar. And am glad they didn’t “force” YK-HK together It’s one of e most interesting shows i’ve seen. This is such a satisfying story, very emotional, as good dramas should be.

I think the writer is a sadist and many of us were her unfortunate victims. I was anticipating hearing your opinions all day. MJP May 19, at So realizing that the 3rd tear was In-jung truthfully crying for Ji-hyun was made her seem more real than a 2D villain who remains set in her ways till the end.

In the end, Ji-hyun makes it so that Yi-kyung can live, while at the same time, Yi-kyung helps Ji-hyun to move on in the afterlife without regret or remorse. Being mysterious successfully requires more than sheer withholding of crucial information. Online porno izle telefonunuzda.

What I don’t like about though was the sister storyline bet. Yep I epsode with what Javabeans said, thats why I read this blog!! Not one of my best moments. Even though no one knows what exactly happens after death, that is not important. I don’t think I want to rewatch this drama, if not for the cast [: Back in the present, Kang closes his eyes and befayibanglow a wish: Suzy May 20, at