Does anybody believe that the attack on the USS Liberty was a case of mistaken identity? Note u give no substantial sources, references, or citations, nothing to back up ur Jew lies except for other Jew liars. Like everything, of course, truth is lost in lies and confusion today. But I would be the first to agree that this issue is hardly resolved. The Oriental Jew Gravatar The biggest holocaust of the XX’th century was killing and forcely assimilating more than 4 million Hungarians.

Would it serve any useful purpose to list the sea of lies propagated by the prostitute media? As you know, he was a consultant and expert witness in the Zundel trial. Gravatar A correction is required to a post above. But, according to the theology of the holocaust, we are told that millions of bodies went up in smoke at Auschwitz, Treblinka, Dachau etc. Rousseau, Kant, English Utilitarianism, etc. WhitePride65, I see straight through you.

Beyond such counterfeiting is only theoretical abstracts—like inductive logic—or NOT working on people’s hubris and willingness to be duped. Those who accuse bear burden of proof, brainless Talmudic scum.

We will replace these sites with tribute to ALL humans killed by Jew inspired demonic communism. I actually admire him. One of the board of directors was one Paul Warburg Chairman of the Federal Reserve-private corp His brother and German partner in crime Max Warburg banker also was running the show on the other side of the Atlantic. Gravatar Hahahaaaaaa it is a fraud and the jews needs to cough out millions of which they owed us, or we’ll lynch mob them. In seducing Eve, the goal was for Satan to produce a mixed race of part Adamic origin, a mongrel race, howevewr, and disrupt the hierarchy which YHWH had created.

White boy in IA When 2 percent of the population owns almost all the media they can tell any story they want. Be proud of the 6 million your ilk murdered. Choo-choo-choo here comes the Clue Train last stop you!


You will never be accepted into any white nationalist organization as the interlopers that you are. When I was a little boy I was taught the litany of horrors. The wall abnkcsapda finally crumbling down as the Holacaust is the last battle to defeat Marxism once and for all.

Church of Jesus Christ,Administration Bldg. Gravatar Even when I was a small child and my teacher tried with a straght face to say geljes million… I knew it was not true.

A Castle epizódjainak listája

My country has a globally supported post communist government at the moment, which openly calls itself ‘international’ and tries to exterminate us with various restriction called ‘reforms’. Gravatar I came from Hungary. Camp library Theatre Orchestras A brothel for the prisoners Auschwitz even had a prisoner’s swimming pool Football tournaments Camp hospitals Dental care An arts and crafts center the prisoners paintings are on display in the Auschwitz museum.

The Rwanda thing does not count because niggers are not humans.

A Castle epizódjainak listája – Wikipédia

That’s why you have to worship them as gods! The jews are the closest thing to enlightened in western civilisation. DOes anybody still believe was a plot hatched by cave dwellers? Have you read the uncovering of many of the worlds terror acts,that after layers are peeled away we see the master minds-the jews. Hitler was a puppet moved from behind the scenes and more likely he was even killed by the Zionists. Gravatar Total deaths would mean that you calculated the totals for all German camps and ghettos, from France to Ukraine.

Only liars, tyrants, and people who have something to hide, would do such a thing. If the Holocaust story is true and there is so much evidence to support it, they should have nothing to fear from a thorough scientific and forensic analysis of it. Thus by means of moralist-Pharisaist delusion, degenerate gentiles fatally tolerate Jews and Jew lies, like holohoax, which then props up that monumental fraud, built upon same hubristic, wishful thinking, bankcxapda as the Federal Reserve Bank Fed—see RealityZone.


They are the only ones who are capable of such bankcsappda and cruelty — they will not hesitate to kill the good ones of their race and team up with the bad ones from other races. If the Bankcsappda, or ‘HoloHoax’ as you refer to it as, didn’t occur who created the Holocaust conspiracy? But kikes lie like they breathe—why? The truth is coming out and the list of terror acts committed by this movement of jews is astounding, JFK US Liberty The list is endless……. Auscwhitz was the largest of them all.

It is the way straight back to the darkest middle ages and dogmas, the loss of free thoughts means the loss of freedom altogether, including the loss of our physical being. Gravatar What do you mean by ‘dialectic exposition’?

And, the results of such an argument are both outrageous and ludicrous. You and I both know why this issue has become so important at this time in world history.

Since every country in the world, throughout the ages, expelled the jews, why would a proud country today let them in. Gravatar We always known that 6 million of these did not die in Europe, they just changed surname from Goldman to gold, Perlman to perl and moved to America.