Next morning, Kukki and Khuggi again try to make a plan to bring Sohum and Rajji together, but Sohum walks into the room and warns them against it. Biji, Happy, Rajji and Bani throw away the left over bricks outside their house. Rajji’s prospect, Amrit finds Rajji attractive and wishes to talk to her in private. But bani overhears this, from her room. Guggi tells Sohum to stay away from al the rituals of Bani’s marriage as it is creating problem for him only. Sohum then tells Rajji to get ready as they will definitely go there. Sign in Recover your password. Everyone at Bani’s house waits for the guests to arrive.

Raymon tells everyone with tears in her eyes that she came to give food to Rajji and was hit by her. On the other hand, Gagandeep and Randeep return back and speak about the party in Mumbai. While waiting for her Uncle and aunt at the station, Bani sees a woman in a bridal wear who goes and hugs a groom at the station who was with someone else. Bani wanted to thank Sohum as he is the sole reason that Amrit agreed for marriage. At the same time Rajji appears on the scene and proudly declares that she trusts Soham completely. Parmeet signs the property papers and hands them over to Maya.

Balbir is ready to crush Sohum’s head with a boulder, when suddenly, Bua appears on the scene and stops Balbir. Rajji tells her condition to Bani, which she is facing in her husband’s house. Dolly starts scolding Rajji for lying to her. Everyone is sitting and enjoying a drink after the party. Sarab tells Dhillon that they will not extend the date of marriage and they have full faith on Parmeet.

Gurbani’s mother tells her the reason behind the difference between her and her uncle’s family. Balbir comes back home to face a very angry, Raymon. Deshmukh’s husband tells Deshmukh 2103 he has also seen a boy for Bani and that is none other than Sohum. Suddenly, Sohum realizes that he is the father of the child growing in Rajji’s womb. He further adds that he wants to marry Rajji.


Bani’s father comes to speak to Deshmukh, but Deshmukh’s brother comes in between and takes him to the roof for a get together with Nirvail and wrihten. Gaganpreet takes over and performs on a sensuous song, as Gagnpreet sets the mood of the party, Ratlani, Parmeet’s business client, eyes Bani.

Desho also comes out. Stay tuned bzni know what happens next on ‘Bani’. Ds mother receives a call from the police station.

The contract killer reveals the truth about Parmeet being behind Bani’s death, shocking everyone. Hearing this, Ramon to save her skin instigates Rajji about someone wanting to harm her baby and indirectly points to Soham.

Sky TV and Discovery ink exclusive long-term deal. Soham reaches in time and prevents Rajji dritten falling, and he catches hold of Parmeet by his collar.

Searching for a safe place, Parmeet runs into Bani’s room. She answers the call and realizes that the person is Parmeet.

Bani – Ishq Da Kalma

On Aug 22, She keeps wondering whether she should stop the marriage and tell them that Bani will now marry Sohum. Bani and Rajji start playing their plan to perfection. Later when, Rajji and Soham are discussing about Simran’s problem, Bani steps into the room and asks them to go and help Simran in the hour of need.

Sohum’s sister-in-law asks Sohum to give sometime to Rajji and everything will be alright. Mumbai Mumbai search close. Bani’s aunt listens to their conversation and tells her husband not to bother about all these things as beauty, education and family is not the only thing NRI’s look for, and they also seek a wealthy background.

Rajji avoids the question and tells Bani to go and sleep. What will Sohum do now? He then burns the plane. She asks what good has he done, that he should be applauded, as he couldnt even keep the relations that rano atleast kept. On the other hand, a few men find an unconscious Bani on the banks of the river.


Soham wonders whats bani doing in del. Bani goes to the police station and gets Parmeet back home to see his mother. Shravya instigates Sourya against her mother. Soham and Rajji leave after wishing Simran all the best for her pregnancy. Bani looks out of the window and sees Parmeet standing outside the gate, rubbing his hands in despair.

Bani – Ishq Da Kalma All Episodes –

Bani Ishq Da Kalma. Bani is terrified to know that she has been staying at a brothel and wishes to run away. Things worsen when Veer, suitor of Tapasya, falls in love with the good natured Ichcha.

Bani calls Rajji and asks her about her well being.

Later, Bani comes out on the roof to meet, but gets stuck in the rope lights. Rajji denies marrying Sohum as she knows that Sohum has always loved Bani.

They enter an eyelock. Bani tells him a lie that the ticket is with Sohum as he was the one who took out the print out. Deshmukh decorates the whole house in order to welcome Parmeet and his family. What will Maya do now? Meanwhile, the taxi driver drops Bani to her room and leaves the room.

On the other hand, Bani is in the kitchen preparing food as her family is coming to meet her.

Bani tries to make Rajji understand that it will be her child, who suffers the most. He apologizes to the people in the house.

Bani agrees to her and stays back. Bani tells him that she wants to disclose it to Rajji, but Sohum advises her not to disclose the fact right away.