Shakuntala tries to scare Darpan and again scratches her. She later rushes to Ganesh when she learns that Shakuntala is feeding him chocolates. Meanwhile an elephant reaches the tree and eats the ‘ladoo’ kept for ‘Gannu Sahab’. Darpan later leaves the forest and goes home. Later, Mahesh gets shocked when he finds out that his police station has met with a fire accident and he gets horrified when he learns that Dev Pratap has fallen prey to this accident. Meanwhile, the poachers dig the ground and build a plot to catch the elephant.

Mahesh later has to go for a function and gets ready for this. She climbs the tree and reaches a beehive and takes out some honey directly from the hive without having any fear of being bitten by the bees. She is worried that Ganesh has forgotten his way back home. Ganesh pushes Shakuntala on a heap of grass and decides to teach her a lesson and seeing the injury on Darpna’s hand, Ganesh gets even more furious. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Later, Darpan sits on Ganesh’s back and gets a view of her father’s entire function.

Surprisingly even the bees do not bite Darpan and let her take some of their honey.

Darpan’s mother and father together manage to sari the importance of education to Darpan and convince her to start going to school from the next day onwards. Ganesh on the other hand refuses to move out of the circle that has been created by Darpan as she had asked him not to leave that circle. Darpan hugs her mothers and tells her everything about her cruel teacher.

Who is this man kidnapped by Sameer? His wife is sure that Mahesh will be getting a medal for his bravery during this function. Just when Darpan thinks that she will be making new friends, she realizes that she is in trouble and gets into a ummar with them.

Bandhan is a heart-warming story of a strong bond between two innocent souls, who stand by each other through thick and thin. She tells him that she will be giving him a surprise on Diwali. While, Darpan is praying to lord Ganesha to give her a brother, the elephant gives birth to a baby elephant. Watch the entire episode to know what happens next.


He realizes that Dev Patel is not actually dead and he immediately asks his men to follow Vishwas Rao. Earlier, Darpan’s classmates had bullied her and taken the box and the bottle from her. Next day, Darpan celebrates Raksha Bandhan with Ganesh and lovingly ties a rakhi around one abndhan his legs.

Meanwhile, the baby elephant refuses to have any food and misses its mother. Meanwhile an elephant reaches the tree and eats the ‘ladoo’ kept for ‘Gannu Sahab’. Later, Darpan gets emotional in front of Ganesh and asks him to never eat any chocolate given by Shakuntala and promises to sacrifice all her chocolates for him.

Relationships of the third kind are sometimes so unique that they question the norms of nature, challenge all socially acceptable patterns of lifestyle and leave everyone around gaping wide-eyed with amazement Zee TV’s latest primetime offering Bandhan is the first-of-its-kind television show to delve into one such astonishing relationship between a little girl Darpan and Ganesha, a new-born elephant calf who she accepts as her younger brother!

She feels happy when she sees her father getting the medal for his bravery. Darpan’s parents see their daughter referring to the baby elephant as her brother and her father gets worried. She mixes both the recipe and the yoga tips and this results to an extremely hilarious scene that is witnessed by her parents.

Bandhan – Episodes He later shouts at both Darpan and Ganesh for creating problems at the school and when Darpan tries to defend her brother, Mahesh immediately asks her episoee shut up. She later rushes to Ganesh when she learns that Shakuntala is feeding him chocolates.

Bandhan Saari Umar Humein Sang Rehna Hai – Hindi Serial – Episode 108 – Zee TV Serial – Best Scene

She tells her father to immediately leave for the school before Ganesh tries and stops them. Watch the entire episode to know more. The caretaker at home sees Darpan lying unconscious on sxari ground and begins to panic. Darpan on the other hand seems to be hiding under water and is breathing with the help of a hollow straw. Darpan realizes that Ganesh had found out about the trouble she had been facing banvhan the school, when Ganesh gives her lunchbox and water bottle.


Darpan’s father Mahesh is worried that Ganesh will not give her the bond that a real brother could give her. Darpan’s father Mahesh sees the baby elephant being born and just then the mother elephant pulls him towards its baby.

Seeing his sister in trouble, Ganesh leaves no stone unturned to teach a well deserved lesson to the kids who had been troubling Darpan all this while.

And then there’s a third kind that destiny picks out specially for you, simply because they are meant to complete you as a umzr He asks Darpan’s mother Prabha to ask Darpan to stop doing this but Prabha encourages her daughter to do so.

Please login to access the content. Just then Darpan enters and begins laughing seeing Vishwas Rao trying hard to please god. He later sees some colourful balloons and decides to get the balloons for Darpan. But Darpan seems to have bonded extremely well with her new found brother.

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Darpan later hears a chaos outside her classroom and when she hears them mentioning an elephant, she gets alert. Meanwhile, Mahesh seems to be busy planning a solid plot to trap Vishwas Rao. Sameer seems to have kidnapped a man and hidden him inside his house.