Anandi comes out neat and clean no color on her face. She says you did not even think once that they may kill my son?? Trust him he will bring back your Ansh. After 3 tries, she finally is able to hold his hand. Lawyer says if this marriage happens, then you will be very rich. He stops playing drums and stares at Ganga. His parents looks at him and do not like his statement. Shobha goes near her and she says Ma I do not know what will happen but Shobha tells her that all will be well.

RK chides Bittu for not getting the car okayed! Aarti is seated on the bed completely lost. Dadisaa says to him if they failed to recognize their wives they will pay one thousand in charity in Jaitsar temple. Though Yash understood her pain and grief and he stood by her as her husband and as the father of Ansh.. Ganga goes and brings some ladies under veil and ask Shyam and his father to recognize their respective wives among them and put color on them. Anandi asks her is everything alright. Jagya says, happy holi, Anandi.

Gayatri tells her that Aarti just has Ansh all the time in her heart and she has not adopted this house or Yash till now. Anandi continues, whom I love most is my Shiv. Dadu laughs and says who will mind he knows its holi.

He goes near her and helps her to stand up and tells her that it is his responsibilities to bring Ansh back home and he promises her that he will do so. Posted by accidental loser at He tells her tea is very good.

Anandi washes her face and is surprised from where she got grease on her face. Shobha always comes and ask forgiveness for Aarti… So it does mean that she too believed Aarti went out of line in screaming at her FIL… But Gayatri is aoril heated up she blurted out all her dislike and hatred and told Shobha that the since the day your bahu has entered in our household we do not have any peace.


Kanchan drops juice on herself. Last updated Apr 12, Sanchi says no parathas as they have a lot many calories make something light. Dadu is watering plants and talking on phone.

I was recommended this web site by my cousin. He informs they are leaving Madhu says din inform n Sultan says. Dadu blesses AnSh and ask them to complete all preparations then holi celebrations they will begin. She feels someone holding her shoulder n turns n says Sultan u. Did not I tell you that he is a good man?

Anandi says I was about to sleep and she sleeps. Precap — RK pulls Madhu out and locks the door behind her! Jagya recalls her words and says Ganga is very alike Anandi. Did we teach you like this to insult your parents by disobeying?? Anandi says, I want to, but with which Shiv? Jagya regrets for what he has done.

Sanchi says she forgot her mobile in hall and is going to take it she will be right back. Or you think we might catch you if we discuss that? Paddo asks Sultan to let Aryan come to live his childhood here! Shiv replies back in shayri style saying if not you beside me, then at least your memories.

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Welcome, Login to your account. Sign in Recover your password. Anandi asks him to sleep. She then picks a napkin. Sanchi says to Anandi how can she do that. Like 0 Dislike 0. All shocked Anandi played this trick with her. Jagya is waiting at temple. Trish asks her to relax. Bhairo comes and asks Dadisa what happened today. Choti maa rushes outside When she comes at a particular spot a bucket full of color is tilted over her head all color falls on her. Vaddhu parent look at each other and then Gaytri looks at Buva who nods her head and takes Paridhi out with her.


They dance on Holi Khele Raghuveera song. Madhubala 13th April Written Episode Update. Yash wtitten tells his father that he just wants to save Ansh. Sanchi pulls out red color packet and rushes to washroom and sprinkle all colors on one napkin out of two episodw there. BG- Is pyaar ki dekho rusvayi. He introduces Kanchan to him and leave them alone.

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Jagya says, happy holi, Anandi. Anandi tries to control her laughter and comes to Sanchi acting what you did you have poured all shake on your face go wash your face. She pushes him back.

Sanchi agrees for chocolate milk shake. Jagaya seems to be under bhaang effect He throws bucket full of color on Ganga Ganga throws color back at witten. Sanchi washes her face. Paddo still calls Madhu.

Sanchi sees herself in mirror and finds herself colored up. I am doing this for myself so that tomorrow my conscious will not questioned me.