Before he leaves, Toya tells them both that Kagami is gathering up all those who have the celestial maiden genes, C-genomes, as part of the C Project. He doesn’t say anything and walks past them. Howell and the chief find out that Aya is dying. Toya, strangely unharmed by her attacks, escapes with Aki while Yuhi uses a kiss to bring Aya back. She holds on to him and envelops them both in flames, killing them both. Yuhi kisses her, causing her to transform back into Aya. One night they accompany the doctor on a call to Sado Island, but fall overboard in the stormy sea. Yuhi reassures Aya that Aki is merely “asleep” and together with Chidori encourages her not to give up on him.

Aki appears and tells Ceres to kill him and Mikagi. Toya says he does not mind, but Yuhi scolds him, telling him not to make Aya any sadder. Four pieces of theme music are used in the series. She promises Yuki she will keep her secret, but the doctor overhears them talking and tells Yuki that they can never see each other again because Aya has told. After parting from Toya, they follow him to the Mikage corporate headquarters in hope of finding Aki. Hurt by his words, Yuhi cries remembering how he told her he loved her before. In response to Kagami’s questions, she explains that she reappears in the female descendants that most closely resemble her, with Aya being the closest yet. One night they accompany the doctor on a call to Sado Island, but fall overboard in the stormy sea.

Girls of the Dark Episode 1 English Dub. As she falls, she begins floating again, to land safely in Yuhi’s arms. When they arrive at Suzumi’s house, Aya quickly falls asleep. Aya goes there while the Aogiris are searching for her. He asks why she needs her robe when she can fly, but she says she must have it to return home.


Ayashi no Ceres Episode 21 English Dubbed

Her mother reacts for the first time with a squeeze of their hands. Toya does not find him.

In one of the waiting areas, Yuhi is holding her fnglish Toya appears, working as a doctor in the hospital. An unconscious Toya washes up on the beach and is brought to a clinic. Aki has been hooked up to a machine that lets him search his own memories.

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When she still refuses, he opens a partition, letting her see Aki and Toya in another room. Toya senses that Aya is in danger, takes the doctor’s motorcycle and hurries to Tokyo. At the Mikage headquartersAki demands to speak with Toya.

Yuhi and Aya are able to defeat the men outside, but inside they are stopped when one of the men puts a gun to Yuhi’s father’s head. Howell and the chief find out that Aya is dying.

Ayashi No Ceres Episode 22 [English Dubbed]

Kagami takes Toya to task for failing to capture Chidori. Suzumi takes over driving, promising to get them back to the main house. Realizing they can’t do anything, Aya willingly calls to Ceres udb help.

When he realizes she spent the night with Toya, he quickly goes to retrieve her. They are given a single present, a wrapped box. Toya asks if Aki wishes to leaves, as Aya antagonizes over how she can stop the Mikages. Toya tells her to stay away from Aki for both their sakes. The episodw of the relic inflicts scars on Aki once more, the mark of the Progenitor himself, who had been slashed to death by Ceres. Toya warmly embraces her and asks her to come with him in search of the hagoromo and his true memories.


He asks where Toya is, and Kagami tells him that Toya was playing love games with Aya. The process took ten days, hence Toya’s name “tenth night”. She finds out that he is dead.


Directed by Hajime Kamegaki and produced by Studio Pierrotthe twenty-four episode series is based on the fourteen volume manga series written and illustrated by Yuu Watase. Yuhi goes to see Toya and tells him that he’s taking Aya away, as he promised before.

As they return the infirmary, they discover the school nurse has burned alive. He tells Aya she should have nothing more to do with him, as he only wants Ceres. He goes in to rescue Aya and Howell releases her.

They are surprised to find that many of their relatives are there for the party. He picks up a metal shared and stabs Toya in the leg with it. Miori asks Ceres to transform back into Aya so that she can have her revenge against Aya. Yuhi almost shoots the man in the head when Chidori stops him. If he doesn’t, she will.

Ayashi no Ceres Episode 21 English Dubbed

Ceres, Celestial Legend is licensed for Region 1 release by Viz Mediawhich also owns the North American license for the source manga. Chidori lent him her power and ability. Yuhi stabs him with his chopsticks out of sheer fury. He sees Miori and recognizes her. Aya is afraid Ceres will attack him, but stops resisting and allows Ceres to emerge. Aki orders Kagami’s men to drug her and take her to the lab, while he goes on ahead.

Aya visits her mother in hospital and finds Aki there.