My band just got a record deal. I can’t believe you wrote that for me. I don’t wanna do any extra work. Her band’s going to L. Cassidy hated the song and now she’s not gonna like me. Guess who got a job at The Melody Diner!

I acted like a total jerk. What kind of waitress takes 20 minutes to get to a table? Her band’s going to L. I’m all out of chicken pot pies. You’re the one who can’t communicate your feelings. I just wish I knew why Cassidy said no to me, then I could figure out a way to make her like me.

Or maybe Cassidy can train him. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Somebody just get me my chicken pot pie. Okay, that’s what I’m talking about. Well, episldes not going out. Yeah, I think that’s Dezzy-wezzy-kins’ cue to leave.

Austin & Ally – S 1 E 16 – Diners & Daters – video dailymotion

Didn’t get invited to any Academy Awards after-parties? Go get her, tiger. Or I just did a big loop-de-loop on a roller coaster, and I’m trying not to throw up. Add the first question. It’s taking over my life! When the crowd wants more, I bring on the thunder.


Okay, new guy, watch and learn. Because your hand’s in the mac and cheese. So can I take your order now? Goofs When Austin is performing Episoddes, his black watch anc appearing and disappearing. I can get your heartbeat beating like that.

Anyway, that song didn’t say what I wanted it to But this one does. With you it’s like, “whoa”. And I feel like Throwing up. You know you got my heartbeat beat-beat-beating like Hey-ay-ay-ay. You just can’t hear them because they’re whispering it.

So this is the last time I’m coming in here. If anything, I’m the syrup.

I just can’t believe he’s blaming me. And throw something in there about onion rings. I’m caters like them other ones. Now the soup of the day is cream of spinach.

My band just got a record deal. There are only three possible reasons why Cassidy won’t go out with you. You are so the syrup. Cassidy just told you what to do to win her over. Here is your coleslaw. Maybe some dessert will make you feel better.

Will you go out with me? How would you episldes to be my girlfriend? Anyway, I’m an expert in love. It came from my heart – Yeah.


I’m kind of busy here. Full Cast and Crew. You’re a roller coaster ride. I don’t wanna do any extra work.

Music is the only thing that really speaks to me. I’d like to dedicate this song to the coolest girl in here Cassidy. I’m not gonna episodds any more chicken pot pie, Mindy.

Diners & Daters

Anc is his friend Dez. Like I’m wearing a new pair of sneakers. Well, you definitely helped. I hope you’re giving this table your best service, because it’s got my favorite customer.

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I need you too. Oh, that’s a tough one. I was gonna say she just might not be into you. I already sang them for you seven times. Raised upon the notion, I ain’t hosting no reruns.