Arthur decides to dig in his yard for old treasures that may have been buried there, but does not listen to his mom when she says to only dig in one spot. This episode was later adapted into an Arthur Adventure book. The kids enter a cooking competition hosted by Ming Tsai as himself. When Rattles visits the house of his future stepfather, he fears he has nothing in common with his two kids. Series 13, The Silent Treatment George wonders whether or not anyone would notice if he just disappeared. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Muffy goes to an opera but is also worrying that the members of Mrs. However, I am always welcome to do more!

Can he earn his new teacher’s trust? Archived from the original on June 7, During a game of hide and seek, she hides under the stairs, and it seems she’ll never get found. Slink thinks that his special talent is being a newspaper boy, but he starts to think that’s not his special talent. Brain starts to give nicknames to all his friends but soon grows frustrated of doing so. MacGrady has been diagnosed with Cancer.

While trick-or-treating, Francine meets an elderly woman with a very mysterious past, while Binky finds himself at Mr.

Arthur 12×03 – D.W.’s Stray Netkitten – Bats In The Belfry – video dailymotion

The normally fearless Sue Ellen is frightened by a strange noise in the woods, to the surprise of her friends. But when he’s put to the test, Arthur has to admit that he can’t gleep at epsodes, much less be the world’s greatest gleeper.

Binky is trying to write a rhyming poem and finally gets inspiration when he has a dream where everybody speaks in rhyme. Sue Ellen comes up with a math problem she cannot seem to solve. Worrying netkittten lying will some day get nefkitten put in jail, the Tibbles start to tell the truth, but they become too brutally honest. Should he tell him the truth? Buster and his dad go to NYC with Arthur and his family. The gang attempts to get a place in the book of world records. Sue Ellen’special diary goes missing, and she asks for everyone’s help in finding, but they’re more interested in what’s inside.


Prunella claims she can see the future, but Marina doubts it. Season Seventeen November 11, – May 14, Lakewood School has just created a book reading competition and Buster enters because the grand prize is a skateboard.

The lesson it taught was good too. Archived from the original on 17 December Larry King guest stars as himself in an interstitial. Ratburn’s class is worried about the upcoming standardized test.

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Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown. George represents Lakewood School in a radio quiz show. This causes a war between the gang and the dogs, since they don’t know the meaning of watching a soccer game. Binky sneaks into a new exhibit at the Science Museum about the Episoces of the Future and has a dream where he does wind up in the future, but nefkitten can’t get back without an interest in science, which he lacks.

And as for Arthur, Buster and Ladonna?

Series 13 ‹ Arthur

Binky becomes obsessed with butterflies. However, the episodes are already on YouTube. Series 13, The Secret Origin of Supernova Arthur discovers that his favourite comic book character is endorsing an unhealthy drink. Francine and Brain join a highly competitive soccer team. But when his story of how he got Pal starts to involve elephants and outer space, he loses his audience. Fern can’t think of a good story for Muffy’s Story Club, so she steals one from Ladonna.

Cusi Cram Jonathan Greenberg. Gorge becomes inspired to make a movie but he doesn’t seem to be getting his own way in it. Jonathan Greenberg Story by: Ratburn has meant to them all this time. All he wants to talk about is his new friend Mike.

Challenged by Fern to arthue a poetry contest, Etray and his friends each write a poem to be judged by Jack Prelutsky you might remember him from The New Kid On The Blockwhich your teachers probably read to you in school. Arthur is trying to make his Christmas perfect, but is struggling with his attempts, while Buster’s mom is trying too hard to make Buster’s Christmas perfect. Retrieved from xtray https: It was better than the previous episode, but I felt it still needed a little improving.


Elwood City is struck by a blizzard. It seemed a little bit dull. Can Arthur convince her to stop? Archived from the original on June 7, Always aired on every December 31, at least on PBS. Ratburn has a secret identity. Series 13, Prunella and the Haunted Locker Prunella is assigned a new school locker, which is rumoured to be haunted!

Pal, Amigo, Kate, and Mei-Lin take an imagined trip around the world. Get a job, of course! Fern lands a role in a community play but feels she is not talented enough, so she gets coached on acting by Will Toffman played by William Seymour Hoffma.

When Muffy’s butler goes missing, she realizes she doesn’t know anything about him. Arthur loses his baby teeth, and Francine bullies – er, I mean, teases him about it best friends, amirite? The gang plans to repair the treehouse after it caves in from snow with Frank Gehry.

Unfortunately, Arthur gets chicken pox before the big day.

Will he recover in time? This was the first episode produced by 9 Story Entertainment and the first episode produced in HD.

Is Arthur losing his best friend? Arthur and his family have to cope with a Big Blackout that hits Elwood City on the hottest day of the year. Matt Hoverman Ken Pontac.