We should have a free hour each day to go out of the center! Not a good way to be when attracting new customers to explore other games made by this company. I decided to become your political advisor lol! I’ve played all the existing ones so far and I have to say it’s nice to be able to get a little extra time with the guys and getting info on them that you otherwise wouldn’t get from the main story. Who do you think you are? Honey Magazine – Free otome dating game.

Also, Amon is now available. Thiel, so that he can add it to the legend! I had heard rumours that it doesn’t happen if you have low affinity with him, Is that true? Oh no, Not you again! Abdel does seem very nice. Whenever i click on the play button, i land on a blank page with a white box that says “Whoops, looks like something went wrong..

The Fox & The Rabbit

So, [Username], I hear there was drama in your room with Marilyne? I’ll see if I can ask the staff about deleting and starting again, thanks for helping me: AnticLove Tictales Role Playing. Get out of my way! I am not, either although I think he’s a nice guy and stuff but I prefer others, there are a lot of cosy moments between him and the MC in future chapters.

Perhaps, you wish to challenge my view of history, ah ah? Your choice, your story! We are having this problem since MONTHS and even if you try to reach the game makers on Facebook or on their website, nobody cares anticove us the game anymore. If I knew much sooner then my perspective on him would probably be much different.


But if I find more info I’ll tell you. Always trying to take the pose!

Listening to him would be quite boring … if we had to obey him! Oh well done, that sounds like a nice storyline!

Anticlove Episode 2 Guide

So that I can put an end to this war once and for all, and stay with you until the end of time! Replays are single chapters only and do not affect your overall affinity. Even if you could reach the play section, you can not access the chapters. Aah thank you for replying, that’s very kind of you: I’m confused wwww sorry.

Decided to tesst the capters and Abdel is my fave boy, he’s such a total sweetheart, but to see epizode MC clinging to James or Jared even when affinity with Abdel is way higher is kind of sad anticlovd see. Abdel’s a sweet little cinnamon roll: Ah, here you are [Username]!

Yes, I love living at the Palentir center but adapting is not always easy, I could use your advice. Would you like to meet with him? Your curious nature inspires you to look for what’s hidden, to solve mysteries, while your rebel side gives you the courage to smash obstacles when they get in your way. I decided to make another attempt to see if this crazy bug was solved o.


Is there a way to erase progress? I’ve played epiisode the existing ones so far and I have to say it’s nice to be able to epieode a little extra time with the guys and getting info on them that you otherwise wouldn’t get from the main story. Hi, I’m probably wrong about that then, I just thought I might lose because of the option I picked, I haven’t gone far enough past that point that anyone has said anything either way yet.

Yes, maybe I have changed! Edited to add that I have accepted that I will not get the money back now. The MC is totally biased with James and Jared. Awesome I can finally continue exploring each episodes.

I was furious when the protagonist broke his heart in the last chapters of the main story: It seems so small now! Why are you being so nice, all of a sudden?

Off you go, scum! To continue the story you have to put your device in landscape orientation. Why did you not for me in the dessert?

Oh my gosh, same! Is everything all right? Free Otome Games English: