Among the many facts and circumstances shown by the State’s evidence in the case at bar, which when considered together and as a whole show the defendant’s guilt of the offense charged, is a statement made by her on more than one occasion shortly prior to the decedent’s death that she would kill her if it were the last thing she ever did. These special grounds complain of the introduction and allowance of several canceled checks, some of which are dated after the death of Marcia Elaine Lyles; a letter to the Veterans Administration, dated June 21, , purporting to be written and signed by Joe Neal Gabbert, and inquiring about the status of his insurance; an instrument purporting to be signed by Mrs. It also was a heavy debt that was going to hang over her head. In the instant case, the presentment accused the defendant of intentionally killing her nine-year-old daughter by causing her to swallow and take internally certain deadly poisons. Charles Ireland testified that he was called in on the child’s case on March Under Georgia law, a defendant may make a statement to the jury, but is not sworn and is not-cross-examined.

Just months after becoming a widow a second time, she began dating another pilot. While Lyles was an unremarkable student, she was pretty and possessed a charming personality that enabled her to bend people to her will. When he purchased a bottle of the same ant poison he noticed that it contained arsenic, and he thought that arsenic poisoning might have caused the symptoms he had seen. There seems to be little doubt, however, that Anjette wanted him. One nurse testified that the defendant asked her to look at Marcia’s knees, and told her the child was going to die. The deaths of all four victims were shown to be logically connected in at least ten ways:

Julia died September All the stress seemed to have an effect on young Marcia, though, and in March of she started coughing in the restaurant and complaining of a headache.

Anjette was the first white woman, which unfortunately was a bigger deal and deemed more notable of the era, to be executed in Georgia. She said she burned seven-day candles — green for luck and money, white for peace, and red for love and once burned a black candle in attempting to break up a romance between her boy friend, airline pilot Bob Franks, and another girl.


She anjettee gave her bathrobe to a cousin. Movue seems to be little doubt, however, that Anjette wanted him.

For a little while, anyway. Poisoner – To collect insurance money Number of victims: Whisper to the Black Candle: When he went into a coma in January the doctors decided it was encephalitis, but by then it was too late for effective treatment.

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Anjette was sentenced to die in the electric chair for the murder of her daughter Marcia. She has simply disappeared.

The Donovan family had a poultry market on Poplat street, a broad boulevard of cut-rate drug stores, bargain clothing stores, pool halls and beer parlors. Marcia was born in and another daughter, Carla, two years later. Please come at once. It was a popular place moviie business and professional men.

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The special demurrer, which the defendant timely interposed, attacks the presentment on the ground llyles it fails to allege a specific date on which the offense charged was allegedly committed by the accused. The most intriguing are the photographs of Anjette herself–a mysterious, enigmatic figure in her Fifties clothes, shoes, hairdos, and horn-rimmed sunglasses. By law, Georgia could not execute an ajette person, so Anjette was sent to Milledgeville State Hospital, which treated the insane.

If she desired a certain result, she wrote it on a note and placed it under a lit candle, to which she then whispered. It was simply unheard of! Instead of crying, I laugh.

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Not only did Anjette neglect to grieve for Buddy, she started telling people he was mean to her and wondered why she had married him. The first white woman in the US to be put on death row was a charming, well-liked restaurant owner by the name of Anjette Lyles. Cookies are yum so we anuette them to make your HeadStuff experience more yummy. In her place there lylse a stranger, an accused arsenic poisoner, someone her friends and customers never knew.


Her excuse was that nervous laughter was how she reacted to things disturbing her so much. In the ‘s Anjette Lyles owned and operated a restaurant in downtown Macon. As anjete condition worsened, a doctor suspected arsenic poisoning.

She stated she loved her children, although she did become irritated with them at times.

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A search of her home produced an abundance of voodoo supplies, which received considerable press attention. After all the appeals were exhausted and the trial results were upheld, Governor Ernest Vandiver appointed a sanity commission consisting of a psychiatrist, psychologist, and medical doctor to examine Lyles. Between the onset of Mrs. Worse than that, she was a big talker whose glibness served her well in her restaurant business, but began to take on sinister shadings when her buried past deeds were dug up.

A few days later, the defendant visited Dr. She lived with them or they with her much of the time. Johnson saw him almost daily, but he could not get him back into the local hospital since he had trouble there with a nurse.

When her trial began the first week of Octoberpeople from across the United States – even some from Europe, stood in line outside the Courthouse each morning of the trial hoping to get one of the few available seats for the hottest show in town.