Well I just wanted to share that I just finished watching Hajime no Ippo and of course started watching the new 3rd season, Hajime no Ippo: Bakers on a Deserted Island! The Lord of the Loquat! I got tired of no sources on torrents so I recently started my own for direct downloads. For direct download try http: Called The Subwire http:

Please I just want to watch free anime in english, not download it, just watch it online. I found the infos in this Japanese site: Then you can get em. I am Seriously looking for Xenosaga: Next question would be: Just as long as I can download it and its free..

Were can i download episodes of Inuyasha in english and have it in a format of rmvb? I need episoides of naruto for free.

Before i go insane! Does Anyone nkow any good irc channels to download Gundam Seed Destiny. Unfortunately, he relies on Mega upload or some similar site, which limits you to one download at a time, and a bandwidth limit approx 4 episodes every few hours.

I screencapped some parts here http: If it had Case Closed, this site would be amazing. Kimura’s Long vacation was mentioned in the Taiwanese drama “Down with Love” I would say Anime Kiosk, its amazing!

I know of a good place to get torrents and that is: The Conqueror of Shambala. I, for one, needed direct download. It worked for me when I downloaded an episode of Slayers. Think of the people who actually take time to make the site work and who has to pay for yakiate very very expensive servers.


Can someone tell me a good site where I can get Yami no Matsuei episodes with direct download? Lunar Legend by jxpan chance? If anyone can help it would be really appreciated. Ja-pan Becomes the Best in the World!?

I use to think yqkitate Hi echizen, try gendou. So, if any one had any dubbbed anime they want to shair, send it to me, and it will be posted. Can anyone help… Anyways, a good download site for Naruto or bleach would be http: If you want to watch anime episodes that are listed alphabetically, go here: Can anyone help me? Please help me find english dubbed anime episodes on one website!!

Where can I watch yakitate japan English dub?Not sub DUB?

I like watchh use AnimeEpisodes. Someone, please help me. Anyone know where to get direct English episodes of Shaman King? The Secret of Blue Water:. Never heard of it… is it a bit torrent kind of thing?

Does anyone know where I can download Bleach and watch it in Windows Media player? Hope this helps, animesuki and anidb give links to torrents, the other two are anime databases.


Japan” was licensed dubbed, but a western company did not purchase it.

Watch Yakitate!! Japan –

Does anyone know a decent site for direct download inuyasha movies? Does anyone know where to find FREE inuyasha direct downloads of episodes? Does anyone know where i can direct download, Samurai Deeper Kyo and Tsukihime: That would be very nice.

Not a fansite, but Greencine www. Does anyone know animecrave. That is saying, if I can find them. I am looking for a site that carries anime downloads that can work on windows media player please help: They even make Narutofan look good!

Can pause and resume, so easy. Oh and, there isnt a list, but Youtube has a pretty good selection.

Where can I watch yakitate japan English dub?Not sub DUB? | Yahoo Respostas

Episode 50 Blasting Off Into Space!! Bakers on a Deserted Island! Hit enter to submit the new URL and enjoy your downloaded anime.